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Anyone done a spring-over?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by JRinTX, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. o8k

    o8k Member

    Agreed, guess i expected more b/c its a sticky...
  2. Scooter70360

    Scooter70360 New Member

    Hey JR, i'm new here and am driving a 90 Zuk with the same desire...more height for larger tires. Would you mind sending or posting pics of the componets and giving me an idea of the materials you used. I am willing to buy or build a lift that will work, without tearing up other parts, just so I can add larger tires for the approach and departure angles I face on my property. The 90, as you know, does not have the "tire forward" desgin so I have to go with larger tires.

    Also, does anyone have any peformance ideas for the little 660 carb model? If I add big tires I need more power to turn them!

    Thanks in advance.
  3. ViciousCycles

    ViciousCycles New Member

    Scooter, check out my thread '96 suzuki carry lift proj.. you should find what your looking for. here are a few pics that may help in the time being.

    mini truck 024.jpg

    mini truck 023.jpg

    mini truck 018.jpg
  4. axle

    axle Member

    hey viciouscycles, when revert the leaf did you change the brake line and shackles? thanks
  5. ViciousCycles

    ViciousCycles New Member

    I did not change the shackles or brake line. The rear brake line is a little tight but does not over extend. It would only need to be 2" longer and that would be more than enough slack. You can use plastic or kevlar tubing that is popular with motorcycle building to make new brake lines. They are more effective and much better than rubber hose. A hose build kit can be bought through any performance supply like Summit or Drag Specialties.
    The spring over will give about 4 1/4" lift, best I can measure.
    check my other thread it gives a little more lift modification details so the truck is level and drive line is correct.
  6. axle

    axle Member

    did you cut the bump stop?
  7. ViciousCycles

    ViciousCycles New Member

    The bump stop is just held to the Axle by the U-bolts. It comes off when taken apart. Just swap sides with your shock mounts and get the drive line angle straight, then weld it up.
    I bought new spring perches from Tractor Supply for $9.99, for 2 5/8 trailer axles up to 3000lb.
    Axle, I still cant get over how good your truck looks! The rims and tires are awesome!
  8. mwood

    mwood New Member

    Axle flip and Spring perches

    I did the Axle flip with new spring perches on my 92 carry then noticed the drive line was now an inch to short. I was about to head off to the drive line shop to get my drive line extended for $$$ then poof got the idea to drill a second set of hole in the spring perches and move the axle forward and inch. Brought my wheel base back to 73" and seems to work fine.
    I have a 3" front lift and 1.5" spacers under the front X member and and extended front Dif bracket. I run 25" atv tires and it drives great.

    Palmer Ak.
  9. monster mini

    monster mini New Member

    I installed a rear end out of a 89 geo tracker in mine. coil springs. This is a off road build tho
  10. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    Thought I had asked already but don't see it?

    If I flip the rear end, couldn't I when I make my drop brackets, instead of just getting longer bolts, could I just move the new bolts back an inch or so?
    Wouldn't that move the entire drive train back, including giving more clearance to the front of the tire to the door?
  11. David Wolfe

    David Wolfe New Member

    would love more detail on what you have done. Sounds sound.
  12. DIYguy

    DIYguy New Member

    I have a 99 DB52T and these come with springs top mounted. I did space them up 2” and installed longer/heavier shocks.

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