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Advice Needed: Looking between a Daihatsu Atrai, Suzuki Every or comparable microvan.

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Edin, Mar 22, 2022.

  1. Edin

    Edin New Member

    Hello all, I am new to JDM vehicles, but have always been interested.
    I have always wanted a mini truck/microvan but the shipping fees have put me off and the process seemed intimidating. However, I learned that one of my friends flips JDM cars to pay for university, and actually has a import license. Long story short, I am able to import a microvan and save significant amounts on shipping and broker fees, bla bla bla.

    I live in Canada, so 15 year import law applies.

    The Daihatsu Atrai/Hijet Van really caught my eye, but I am wondering if a Suzuki would fit my needs.
    The reason why the atrai caught my eye was:
    - Turbo (good for highway riding, nice rpm and gearing)
    - Manual transmission
    -4x4/AWD (Not really picky)
    - Cheap on gas
    So, I would like to just drive this van semi-daily and take it on camping trips and such, but I'm wondering which models have a combination of being reliable, parts are decently easy to find (I have a civic si I drive so I can wait for parts), would be good on highway trips, and has 4x4 or AWD for Canadian winters.

    What model daihatsu would fit my needs?
    - 1994-1997 S130V: Has proper 4x4 w/ Hi-Lo in van version, also has all time awd with center diff, locking rear diff as option. EF-TS or EF-RS engine
    - 1998- ~2003 S210V:
    Only has Flex-4WD for van (fluid coupling similar to a Honda CRV), erroneously labelled as full time AWD in auctions. EF-DET Engine
    -2004-2006? S330-331G:
    4x4 with Hi-Lo available in vans again, all turbo models, have trouble finding a 4x4 MT in the auctions. EF-DET & KF-DET offered
    -2007 S331G?:
    Seems to bring back center diff full time AWD? Not sure about this one.
    I got all of the 4WD info from here, not sure how reputable it is.
    Anything after 2007 is not legal yet pretty much.

    I would be likely wanting to use 4wd while driving on paved roads during the winter, however it would be in quite snowy/icy conditions so I don't know if it would affect the transfer case or whatever.

    TLDR: What's the best engine, AWD, and chassis for my needs?
    -Possible daily, drive in Canadian winter, reliable, relatively easy to find parts, fun, can do camping and highway trips
    -EF-TS vs EF-RS vs EF-DET vs KF-DET
    -Dual Range 4x4 vs Center diff full time AWD vs viscous part time
    -S130V vs S210V vs S330-331G

    And, are there other vans similar to a Atrai (i.e. Suzuki Every, Subaru Sambar, etc) that fits my MT, 4WD, Turbo requirements?
  2. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    Everys come as Turbo with MT and 4WD. Suzukis' are easier to get parts for, if thats a concern. You want a 5 speed otherwise with just a 4 you will only be able to get up to about 55mph.
  3. Edin

    Edin New Member

    Do you have any resources on info about the Suzuki every generations? I'm looking at the 97 and up models, are all the Everys turbo? Or just some? And with the MT, is it dual range 4x4 or some kind of center diff or viscous AWD? Wikipedia is very sparse, I want to see the configurations and options offered if possible.
  4. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    So up until 99 they are carbed or turbo, 99 and up are EFI. Everys came in join, joypop, and turbo models. The join and joypop were similar but with slightly different seating and other small differences. The turbos seem to be outfitted with all the trimmings (multiple roof windows, body kit aero, fancier paint schemes etc). The vans came in 3 colors blue, white or green (I think). Not sure about the 4x4 on the vans. Mine is 2wd and preferred for my use (less maintenance).

    This is all based on what I have gleaned from reading and looking at what is out there. So no specs I can point you at. Sorry.
  5. justin808

    justin808 New Member

    Thats weird my 94 every has fuel injectors ?
  6. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    Maybe, I see EFI for these in the manuals. Probably an option most didn't get.
  7. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

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