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ACTY Radio Install

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by OldMachinist, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Success!!!

    It plugged right in and worked. I hooked the right speaker wires to the exposed wires and the left speaker came on without any other modifications. And the screws holding the radio in place fit perfectly to the back of the new unit.


    And, here are some pics of how I removed the left speaker. I just took 2 screws out that were holding the door panel and popped out one plug on the bottom and just pulled it back by hand.

    IMG_0680[1].JPG IMG_0681[1].JPG IMG_0682[1].JPG
  2. drewster2010

    drewster2010 New Member

    very cool! i like it hows the sound??
  3. The sound is okay for me. But not really good. The original truck speakers are pretty low quality. This is not a daily driver, so I don't need really good quality sound.

    The main reason I wanted a radio is so that I can listen to LSU Football on Saturday's while I'm at the deer lease.
  4. SeattleActyVan

    SeattleActyVan New Member

    This thread has been a HUGE help. I just picked up a 1991 Street Van HH4 and the left/right speakers keep intermittently going out. From some troubleshooting I think the issue with the speakers cutting out is from the wiring harness at the back of the radio. This weekend I'm going to replace it with a new head unit and clean up the connections. Knowing I can use a 8 mm ratchet to get those screws holding the current one in place is going to be a HUGE help over trying to use a 90 degree phillips head.

    Hopefully once the new radio is in, the speakers will sound okay. I'm not sure if there are speakers that would fit without having to modify the door panel and already messed with that white goo during my troubleshooting ...
  5. Tom Metcalf

    Tom Metcalf New Member

    Hey Group, I'm looking for a replacement stock Clarion AM radio. I think it's stamped Model JY.

    Mine is DEAD, but power to it is fine. External 12V power source connected - still real dead.

    Does anyone wish to sell one that's been replaced with a new fangled fancy one?

  6. Sam Gamble

    Sam Gamble Member

    Old thread I know.... I finally got my ACTY going, and I replaced the radio and speakers. Everything works however the wire I connected to the radio that originally had continuous 12v power for some reason only has power when the ignition is on. I’ve checked the other power wire and it’s the same thing. I will add that I also reconnected the cigarette lighter as someone had cut the wire (which is white with blue tracer just like the “continuous 12v wire” I have connected to the radio) so maybe that’s my issue? I’m at a total loss. I wouldn’t care except it means I have to set the EQ and pair Bluetooth everytime I start the truck.
  7. JonP

    JonP New Member

    Why don't you just splice into the continuous cigarette lighter wire? Or, swap them. I swapped my cigarette lighter for switched power so it wasn't on all the time and I could leave stuff plugged in. Only downside is if you smoke you can't use it as a cigarette lighter anymore but that doesn't really matter.
  8. Sam Gamble

    Sam Gamble Member

    I feel like I’ve tried that, maybe I was looking at the wrong wire? The cigarette lighter has I believe two wires going to it, one has a blue tracer and it goes into a little plastic thing that’s crimped onto the wire.
  9. JonP

    JonP New Member

    Yeah, it has two wires going to it. Continuous 12v wire is that white/blue one and the other is the ground. Do you have a volt meter? I'd test that wire with the key turned off and make sure it's the continuous 12v and if so send that to your radio.
  10. Sam Gamble

    Sam Gamble Member

    That’s the issue, before the install I had a wire that was always hot, and now I don’t. Not sure what happened along the way.
  11. patricklearns

    patricklearns New Member

    Question for everyone here regarding the continuous wire. My radio harness for my street G had two white with blue tracer wires; one for the radio and one for the lighter, however, I'm not getting power to the unit with key turned on or off. The fuse is not blown and the original radio had power and worked. My volt meter is not getting 12 volts from that white with blue wire that was in the original radio harness. I barely have enough line to cut the cigarette lighter wire off the plastic connector and try it, but I'm reluctant to do so until I know I"m for sure doing the right thing.

    Any thoughts?
  12. Sam Gamble

    Sam Gamble Member

    That’s my exact question that needs answering. I’m having the EXACT same problem. The weird thing is that before I started the radio install I checked and labeled all my wires as to not get confused. And the one that had continuous 12v now only has it when the ignition is on. It’s not a huge deal but every time I start the truck (very frequently because right now it’s used for yard work) I have to reconnect my Bluetooth, enter the code, and reconfigure my EQ.

    I will add however, there is supposed to be a hot 12v wire that always has power, and one that only has it when the key is on. Sounds like perhaps you are trying to only connect one wire? The continuous powered wire is used for radio memory only, things like settings and the clock. The other is to power the rest of the radio when the key is on.

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