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ACTY Radio Install

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by OldMachinist, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    I upgraded the AM radio today to FM stereo. There's not much on the AM dial where I live. I only use the Honda around our 70 acres so I didn't need high end sound. I found a cheap($29.99 with free shipping at Newegg.com) FM radio with a CD player and some $19.99 speakers at Wal-Mart. So I went from this.


    To this.


    I wrote a Word document about it with lots more pictures and descriptions and you can download it here. http://www.mediafire.com/?oezmzzhwkdzIt's a large file(47mb) so if you have a slow connection it might take awhile. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

    I just noticed in the word doc that spellcheck changed tygon to teak. Anyway the tubing I used to run the wires through the door jamb was 1/4"tygon
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  2. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Looks good. Changed the radio in mine also. When I got it. It only had one station for some reason.
  3. drempel

    drempel New Member

    Thanks for the detailed instructions: timely, since I'm doing a radio intall on the weekend.
  4. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    A couple of things I forgot to note in the Word doc.

    The window cranks are held on by small wire clips and the standard tool for removal didn't work. The wire they are made from is so small the tool slip past without pushing it off. Also mine were installed with the open end of the clip away from the crank. On most cars the open end is inline with the crank. I made a tool that worked real good from a piece of 1/2" banding strap. Here's a sketch of it.

    I made it longer than the crank handle and insterted it in between the handle and the plastic ring, hooked the clip and pulled it out.

    The other thing I forgot to say was make sure you solder the terminals on the speaker wires in the door they are some what exposed to the weather and if they corrode you'll get crackles and pops.

    All the pictures in the Word doc can be veiwed here.

    If I think of anything else I'll post it.
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  5. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    Hey drempel did you get your radio installed? I just curious if you hit any snags that need to be mentioned.
  6. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    i haven't tried it myself, but a buddy of mine told me you can get the window crank clips out with a strip of cloth or a shop rag. you just fit it behind teh window crank and go back and forth like flossing your teeth and it will snag the clip and pop it out.
  7. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    I've also heard about the cloth trick but it came with a warning that the clip may fly away to that place that all small object go to when dropped and are never seen again.
  8. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    well, there's that... LOL
  9. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    Any clip that can fly off into the nothingness...

    was always referred to (by my fellow mech's) as a "Jesus Clip" ... as in "Jesus... where did that go??" LOL


  10. drempel

    drempel New Member


    Believe it or not, I'm just finally getting the silly thing installed (sheesh...)

    Anyway, the major snags have been getting the speaker mounted in the RH door (had to cobble together some blind fasteners since Honda went cheap and only put them in the LH door), and finding the RH speaker wire: still looking for it. Any hints on where it might be hiding?


  11. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    The wires on mine were behind the brake fluid reservoir.
    I had to take the bolts out that hold the reservoir in to get my hand back there. And they were taped down to the rest of the harness.
  12. drempel

    drempel New Member

    Thanks. I looked around but couldn't see anything; I'll take another look after dinner when I''ve calmed down.

  13. drempel

    drempel New Member

    Well, the silly thing's finally in; what a struggle! I honestly can't believe that such a simple job took so long, but it fought me every step of the way.http://www.minitrucktalk.com/images/smilies/frustration.gif

    Having said that, the only real snag (apart from things I'll chalk up to bad luck and stupidity) was getting the RH speaker mounted. Finally just ended up drilling new holes and using clip-on speed nuts, epoxy, and silicone seal, but it took a while to figure that out, believe it or not. The whole process wasn't helped by the adhesive Honda used to stick the plastic door liner on with: it's some kind of permanently tacky white goo that ended up on everything...http://www.minitrucktalk.com/images/smilies/eek.gif

    Anyway, all in, sounds good, and it drowns out the squeaks and rattles the way a radio's supposed to.

    Thanks for your help and instructions,

  14. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    I remember that white goo from when I did mine. I kept a can a mineral spirits right there the whole time I was working on the doors. Made me realize what mice feel like in a glue trap.
  15. I know this is an old thread, but it sure came in handy.

    I pulled my radio out of my '92 HA4 yesterday. This thread really made it easier for me.

    The 2 screws holding the radio in place are size 8 mm. I tried to loosen them with a phillips screwdriver, but that didn't work.

    Not sure what I'm going to go back with, but I'm looking for something cheap. I don't think I want to change the speakers just yet. I may try that later.

    I looked at a Pyramid CRD33D http://www.pyramidcaraudio.com/sku/CDR33D/AMFM-Receiver-CD-Player-wFull-Detachable-Face at the local Radio Shack today. It was about 60 bucks and is the same size as the original. I might go with that.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2012
  16. packrat

    packrat Member

    Hey, with radios, I lucked out at re-use it store the other day for my Acty. They had a stock Honda AM/FM Cassette unit for $5. It looked to have the same connector, so I took a "huge" risk, and put down the 5 bucks. Got home, pulled out the stock radio, hooked up the connector and antenna, and it worked perfectly. Just check the local scrappers if you want a stock looking unit that fits right.
  17. That's a great idea. I'll have to check that out.
  18. I went to a 'Pull-A-Part" today. They charged me $2 just to go look in the junk cars to see if there was a radio in them!!

    I found a couple Honda Accords that had radios, but I didn't have time to pull one out, and it was raining. I may try again later. But, it looks like they will match up.
  19. I found a radio/cd player on eBay out of a 97-01 Acura Integra. From the pics on eBay, it seems to be the same fit as the one I pulled out of the truck. It should arrive tomorrow, and I'll get some pics.

    Also, I was able to get the left speaker out of the door by just removing 3 screws on the door, and pulling the plastic back far enough to get to the 4 speaker screws. The left side wasn't working. After I got it out, I connected it, and it worked, so I'll probably have to run some new wires to it. Again, I'll get some pics later.
  20. The Acura radio came in today. It seems to be an exact fit. I didn't put it in the truck yet, but you can see from the pics it looks the same. Keep in mind that if you get one of these, there is usually a theft code that needs to be programmed into it each time you disconnect the power. Make sure you get that code from the seller, because I think it will be a hassle to get it from an Acura dealer.

    The original is on the right, and the new one is always on the left.

    IMG_0675[1].JPG IMG_0676[1].JPG IMG_0677[1].JPG IMG_0678[1].JPG

    I'm not sure the old one is the original radio, because this connector was in there, and the 2 exposed wires you see were connected to the right speaker. The left speaker was not working


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