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A very basic lift Q

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Kauai Kei, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. Kauai Kei

    Kauai Kei Member

    Local tire shop agreed to install a 2" lift kit I had in hand for my 1995 Carry. They get it done in a couple hours. Camber is slightly positive as it sat in the parking lot. I back it up out of the spot, and suddenly the camber is *way* positive.....move it forward a bit, and it settles back down to slightly positive.

    Shop is hugely busy, so I agree to drive it home and simply avoid reverse, because in a week I have tires and wheels coming in to the same shop, and they say they'll fix everything up then.

    Any ideas on things I should tell them to look for?

  2. 13-ball

    13-ball Member

  3. Kauai Kei

    Kauai Kei Member

    Thanks! Not sure if it's *just* the camber, as the fact that the camber goes way positive when I back up (cv joint?)...but I ordered the bolts and we'll see what happens!

    SAITCHO Active Member

    I would jack up the front end and start looking for something loose in there.

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