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98 Suzuki Carry General Impressions?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by tncrom, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. tncrom

    tncrom New Member

    Thinking about this model to purchase. Has anyone bought and what are your general impressions?

    Namely, lifting, bumpers, legroom, axle-lock, diff-lock, and 4x4 operation?


  2. jbarv

    jbarv New Member

    I have a 93 model. The legroom isnt bad ( Im 5'8 170lbs though ), my lift kit got here today, so it will go on tonight and Ill let you know, and the 4wd seems to work great. Ive had it in places that my honda 4 wheeler is scared to go!! My only complaint with mine is the 5 speed left hand shift. If it were an auto, I would have no complaints at all. Way better then the Rhino I had before it..... and no more freezing in the winter to boot!
  3. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    It took me all of three seconds to get used to the left hand shifting. I almost prefer being in my minitruck, over my other vehicles.
  4. tncrom

    tncrom New Member

    Suzuki Carry ... continued....

    Thanks for the reply....yea, here in Iowa, the heater aspect certainly is appealing.

    From what I've gathered, these suzuki's have the axle lock and diff lock moreso, if exclusively, than other JMT's available....

    For those with these features, how's their performance? Any maintenance issues known?

  5. Colin

    Colin Member

    Wolfman - I completely agree. Driving on the right seems more intuitive to me than driving LHD. Maybe this is why people who play guitar strum with their dominant hand and do all the fancy fretwork with their other hand. :)

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