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98 cushman 3 wheeler with the 327 speed problems

Discussion in 'Performance' started by bigboysrn, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. bigboysrn

    bigboysrn New Member

    my buddy has a 98 cushman 3 wheeler.... it used to do 50-55 mph now it only gets up to around 40mph, i tried messin around with it but cant figure it out. im a bike guy so i realy dont deal with this kind of thing. it runs good and all but what is next we havent modded anything at all. it is all stock, tell me what to do to get this thing haulin ass again. please email me if possible to
  2. pale horse

    pale horse New Member

    custom trike 327 vett motor

    I was in my teens and some guys had a custom trike with a 327 V8 in it. Any way they lost it one day a carb linkage hung up and they when off a 90 degree turn into the wood oh maybe around 70 mph. When the outfit had stopped there was just a 327 chevy motor laying in the brush and what looked like a narrow logging road covered in small parts . They where able to both bail of the trike as there was no stopping. It looked pretty funny and all the old farmers who lived around there where not amused. Kim:rolleyes:

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