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95 Subaru Sambar, signal stopped working, where is the fuse box?

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by MFCSteele, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. MFCSteele

    MFCSteele New Member

    I've only known about these little trucks for 2 years and I wanted one when I first saw them.
    Well, I picked one up. Lots of fun and reminds me of my dad amd his little red toyota when i was growing up. I dont know what model that was but it was pretty tiny next to the farm truck (Silverado Cheyenne '72)
    Anyway, I'm a new owner and the guy I bought it from isnt exactly offering classes.
    So, i have a few questions;
    Where is the oil dipstick?
    Whe re do I add windsheild wiper fluid?
    The turn signal seems to of stopped working, where is the fuse box?
    You guys every see those honeycomb "airless" tiers? Has anyone tried those?
    Where is a free manual?
  2. cop on my back

    cop on my back Active Member

    Open access panel at rear (bumper) and dipstick is at right side of engine. Washer fluid is under passenger seat. Left base of seat up and the open access panel. Radiator cap is under there too. Fuse box is just under dash to left of steering wheel.
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