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'94 HA4 Acty - no spark

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Travisb2004, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Travisb2004

    Travisb2004 New Member

    I have an 1994 Ha4 Acty and it does not get spark. It run very well before this started but the fuel pump wouldn't get power so I had to jump the relay. I've checked battery ground and had the battery tested. Replaced the ignition module, ignition coil and condenser and still nothing. I've also tested everything between the distributor and back and everything seems to be good. I cleaned the points and rotor on the distributor when it still got spark and worked fine. I've come to think its the distributor. But I'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions on what else to look at before I replace it or if anyone knows a way to test the distributor. Me and my Father think the distributor isn't triggering / the stator being the problem. Last time it ran it was roughly 50° out, next day it was roughly 30° and hasn't started since.

    Some help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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