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93 Suzuki carry dd51t dump

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by halpinfarm, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. halpinfarm

    halpinfarm New Member

    Just bought my first mini. A 1993 Suzuki carry dd51t heavy duty dump. 5 speed with diff lock and axle lock. With a/c too. I want to lift it around 2 inches all the research I’ve done says stick with that as a max for simplicity. I have a 60 acre farm with woods and trails and won’t drive on the road much. I already ordered 22x7-12 sunf mud tires and steel black 12x7 rims with 5 inches of back spacing. I’m sure this has been covered already. Just want some expertise on if I should use new springs on my struts or just use the spacers on top ? Thanks
  2. installater

    installater Member

    I am no Expert and just got a 1988 DB71T Suzuki carry myself
    But everything I've read here is do both
    Mine has a 2'' lift also and with a 5'' backspace on the wheels front springs
    on struts where rubbing, don't know if that will happen to you
    with a newer model.
  3. halpinfarm

    halpinfarm New Member

    Thanks Brian. I also have seen that some people had clearance issues with the 5 inch offset. I got them on amazon for $42 each including shipping and one review was from a guy that used them on a 92 carry and he had to drill the lug holes slightly larger but they worked perfect so I’m hopeful.Also I’m using relatively narrow tires so hopefully it works. Some people said with the spacers and heavier springs it would raise it too much. So I may just try the spring first and see.
  4. 509er

    509er New Member

  5. halpinfarm

    halpinfarm New Member

    Thanks Don. I checked it out. Sure looks like a nice set up. Seems like it would definitely ride better than the 300 pound Afco springs I was looking at earlier today. I wasn't sure if I should use the new springs and the lift kit or if that would put the front end up too high and cause front axle shaft angle issues. I'm sure I need the springs either way. Truck has 51,000 miles and I weigh 235 pounds about the weight of two passengers the truck was designed for ! Lol
  6. 509er

    509er New Member

    Talk to Harley...he is a wealth of info and very friendly..
  7. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Member

    new springs & the 2" spacers will keep you form having any rubbing on the carry!
  8. halpinfarm

    halpinfarm New Member

    Thanks brother. I just ordered the mini lift kit from Harley Rose hopefully I can get it out on in the next few weeks I’m on seven days a week till Christmas. Did you get your lift on yet and is it the same one you got ?
  9. halpinfarm

    halpinfarm New Member

    05895CE7-4B63-4F75-BC68-A81B472DDEFB.jpeg 05895CE7-4B63-4F75-BC68-A81B472DDEFB.jpeg
    Thanks I got my wheels and tires mounted already 7 in steel rims 5-2 backspace with 22-7-12 mud tires. There’s about 3/4 inch clearance between the rim and the spring. The tires are narrower than the rim. Looks a little funny may have to get taller and wider tires after I put my lift on.
  10. Techspec360

    Techspec360 New Member

    That combo looks really nice.....not too crazy aggressive or hangin way out.

    If you have 3/4" clearance between rim and spring, how much between the SUNF's and the spring?


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