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660cc Issues

Discussion in 'Performance' started by dlowa, May 20, 2011.

  1. dlowa

    dlowa New Member

    I hope you folks don't mind if I bring my Cushman issues in here to bother you, but as we share some engine details and that's where my problem resides I just don't where else to turn.

    We are talking about a 2000 Police ATM Stretch (A Meter Maid) with a carbureted 660cc engine and automatic. I brought it home 10 days ago and have been going mad ever since.

    I have two issues:
    #1. I think the choke part of the linkage might be wrong. Like someone had it apart and didn't get it back together right. The linkage from vacuum diaphragm that pulls the choke off just doesn't look right to me. I can't put my finger on it, but it just looks wrong. I need a picture of the linkage side of this carb. (Mikuni) I have all the manuals, but they don't show the linkage side of the carb. (Why would they) So ... a picture sure would be helpful.

    #2. No matter what I do. I cannot get the idle down. If I start it cold, it comes right to life, but in a matter of minutes as the soup warms up it's running away with itself. The idle screws are all loose and the linkage has slack in it. Looking for tips on this as well.

    I'll thank you folks in advance,
    Dave Lowa

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