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4x4 motor swap idea

Discussion in 'Performance' started by jong1969, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. jong1969

    jong1969 New Member

    I'm new to mini trucks and I am looking for some info on engine swap ideas for a 4 wheel drive. I'm thinking of a Mazda b13 turbo.I know there lite,small and pretty cheap to make stupid power. I think the cool factor is definintly there. I am in sure how I would connect the 4 wheel drive. I have seen peaple do a mid engine with a front wheel drive ad a transmission/ transfer case basically all wheel drive. I would like to use a auto trans and transfer case. Eanyone have want ideas or comments.?
  2. jong1969

    jong1969 New Member

    I had a thought today about a Honda goldwing 1500 cc motor. Thay have a drive shaft connection that mite make it easy for me to connect to a transfer case. Anyone have want thought on this?
  3. Why a swap? Are you not able to get all four tires putting in work with the stock engine?
  4. jong1969

    jong1969 New Member

    Why a swap? Because it will be fun and you already get funny looks driving a mini truck. so a lifted one withe lots of power will be even better. I am also using it as a small service truck. So I need some more power.

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