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3g81 to 3g83

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by balsonchin, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. balsonchin

    balsonchin New Member

    I need help I'm almost most finished with my LHD mighty Mits I put tracks on it with custom bumpers and paint but when my motor showed up from an unmentionable source it was a 3g83 hemi head not a 3g81 like I wanted for a direct replacement. I have been lied to 4 about 9 months now that it should work and that they will send me all the accessory parts to fit the different head. Well today I finally got the parts like the intake carb exhaust and distributor but when I went to put it in the truck My old distributor had 5 wires and the new old only has 2. And the old carb has a banjo bolt hook up with a 3/8 pipe on the opposite side and the new one only has the one pipe no banjo bolt. The new carb also has about 6 vacuum ports on it. Can someone tell me if I have the totally wrong motor or is there a few things I just need to know.I would also be into a straight trade if someone had the engine I need to get my truck going. I will get some pics up soon. Thanks
  2. Rick Bateman

    Rick Bateman New Member

    Did you ever get it going? I have same problem just reversed
  3. chris allen

    chris allen New Member

    I. Also have same prob distributors.. help

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