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2007 Daihatsu 4x4 Deck Van LIKE NEW

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by trey Gilmore, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. trey Gilmore

    trey Gilmore New Member

    For Sale 2007 daihatsu Deck Van 4x4

    $16,000 OBO


    I've put maybe 200 km on this truck and it runs perfectly and fires off like a brand new one every time. I'm 6'0" and I have plenty of room in this truck with my knees a good 6" from the dash

    This truck was handselected in Japan and imported into the US. Once here, it was completely customized and rigged out to get you where you're going in comfort. Below are all the goodies.

    • 2007 Daihatsu 4x4 Deck Truck
    • Push button 4x4
    • ICE COLD AC & Heat
    • NEW Bias 12 Ply Run flat ATV tires
    • Custom wheels
    • 2" Lift with heavy duty springs
    • Custom Fabricated rear receiver hitch
    • Rear Bedliner
    • Kryptek Highlander camo wrap
    • Perforated Kryptek window wrap
    • Kryptek wrapped vent visors
    • Back seat folds flat for a huge cargo area for gear, guns or even your feed on a rainy day. I've had 600 lbs of corn back there with my wife and kids in the front and it didn't miss a beat.
    • Has original Japanese band radio with cassette player. You can easily have an after market stereo put in for around $100
    •if you ever need parts, they are readily available online and they are dirt cheap.

    This truck has 7700 km on it which equates to less than 4800 miles! It's like new! These little things go forever and is a much more affordable option than a $25k-$30k Polaris ranger with AC/Heat. Not to mention, this truck will run 65 mph down the highway

    I've got a 18' flat bed I can throw in the deal for $2K. It's got a 5' ramp gate and two 4' angle iron ramps that are integrated into the front rail of the trailer.

    CALL OR TEXT TREY: 325.829.7265 fullsizeoutput_1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5.jpeg fullsizeoutput_6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_8.jpeg fullsizeoutput_9.jpeg fullsizeoutput_a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_b.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10.jpeg fullsizeoutput_11.jpeg fullsizeoutput_12.jpeg fullsizeoutput_13.jpeg
  2. Blove

    Blove New Member

    Is this truck still available
  3. tamchugh1981

    tamchugh1981 New Member

    Will you take 12,000

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