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2000 Subaru Sambar supercharged & extras

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by 350v8s10, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. 350v8s10

    350v8s10 Member


    This is my 2000 Subaru Sambar. It is supercharged with fuel injection.The motor is 660cc. The transmission is 5 speed plus low-low. It has push button 4WD. Extras include factory fog lamps, air conditioning, power steering, AM/FM/Cassette, driver side air bag, custom on road wheels with high speed tires and custom off road wheels with aggressive tires, and a set of Japanese mini-truck license plates (issued for an earlier series). An English version of the factory manual is included. There are some other small accessories also included.

    It has 38,000 miles on it. It runs as new. It starts instantly and runs smoothly at all rpms.

    My interior is blue & gray vinyl upholstery. The interior & external paint is white. The interior is 9.9 out of 10. The exterior is 9.5 out of 10. There is NO rust anywhere.

    There are 6 custom alloy wheels mounted with high speed highway tires. These are directional tires, so I have 3 for the left side and 3 for the right side (a spare for each side). These are all new with less than 1 (one) mile use. The 4 custom alloy off road wheels and tires are new also with zero miles.

    If desired I will sell my custom Aluma trailer as a package with my Sambar. The trailer is not available as a seperate item. The trailer has custom alloy wheels and dual custom alloy wheel spares. It has torsion bar suspension. It has approximately 100 miles use. Tie down straps for the mini truck will be included. Also included, with the trailer, is a new / unused Superwinch winch. It has never been mounted.

    I bought my Sambar with the intention of retiring to Oklahoma and using it for transportation. That is not going to be happening. I lost my full-time job last September and have been holding on to the hope that things will get better/different and that current efforts to get these street legal in Texas will be successful. That said, I am now in a position of having to make some difficult decisions and selling my Sambar is one of them

    Here is the link to my album pics:


    I have described my Sambar as accurately as possible. It is my intent to give you the most complete info I can. I have been on this forum for less than 1 year, but for reference, I have been on eBay for over 10 years with more than 1,000 positive feedbacks and NO negatives.

    Thank you for looking at my post!

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  2. Sorry to see it go


    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I noticed that you had the sale pending, so that's good. I know who ever gets your truck will be very happy with it.

    I can certainly vouch for how you take care of your "toys". The Rhino you traded in was above and beyond in every way imaginable.

    If your sale falls through, let me know. I just sold my other SC Subaru and the new owner may have some friends that might want one like his.

    Anyway, good luck to you.

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