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1999 Honda Acty HA7 Headlight Conversion?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by NathanH, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. NathanH

    NathanH New Member

    Hi all,

    I have an HA7 arriving in BC Canada this week, and I'm planning to convert the headlights to DOT/ECE LHD-friendly lights to make it safe & legal. I've seen some posts describing cutting holes in the existing headlights and fitting H4 sealed beam headlights in the holes, but the threads I found in search results were 10 years old, and not for third gen Acty's. I also saw a link to another thread that apparently had great info & pictures, but appears deleted.

    Has anyone found a better solution, or have done this with an HA6/7 and can share tips or post-conversion pictures?

    If anyone with who's gone through a BC inspection has tips to share I'd appreciate those too. My "known problems" are tires and headlights, so I have new winters already on rims & ready to mount.

    Thanks for any advice!

    JERRY GOULD New Member

    there is a daylight driving kit you can buy at canadian tire for $45.00 it might be a easier rout to go .
  3. eden sunflower

    eden sunflower New Member

    Hey Nathan! please let me know if you find a solution to this. I have been searching and thus far nothing. Cheers
  4. shogun

    shogun Member

    Just be careful and do not install higher Watts bulbs than standard. I once did that on my old 1988 built BMW, instead of H1 55W I installed H1 100W, they lasted not very long, wires burnt and the chrome reflectors had bubbles from the heat. Had to replace the complete headlights then.
  5. NathanH

    NathanH New Member

    Thanks, yeah I'll let you know how it goes. Customs was slow to process my paperwork so I'll finally see the truck end of this week. The shop where I'm taking it said they had a Carry come through a few days ago that came with fully adjustable headlights (Arrows going both ways <--->), but I have a feeling they weren't stock.

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