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1996 Subaru Sambar

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by tmikewww, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    $3700 Subaru

    I bought it just about 2 years ago, and have over $6500 invested.BRAND NEW battery. Two NEW complete sets of tires and wheels plus a decent spare.4 Highway tread with less than 100 miles on them, and 4 "Swamp Fox" 23X8X12 "off road" tread, that were new when we bought "her". The "truck" has, 71,498kms (44,426 miles) 5spd+ex-low gear.
    This little truck, runs and drives GREAT! There is NOTHING WRONG, and EVERYTHING WORKS.Now, NOW $3700 B ,I will entertain any reasonable offer.[/B] so, serious buyers, please PM me, with any and all questions. I need to get rid of the "little truck" asap. OH YES,NO SPEED LIMITER!!
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2009

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