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1995 Mitsubishi Bravo super exceed u44v 4a30 motor

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by MikeD, Apr 29, 2023.

  1. MikeD

    MikeD Member

    I wanted to start a fresh thread now that I am getting more familiar with my 4a30 bravo. The tough part is there really isn't any information out there and these forums don't see much action. I'm going to post any relevant info I can find for parts and maintenance info as I bring this truck back to life over the next few weeks.

    Vehicle info
    1995 Mitsubishi Bravo with 95k KM
    Super exceed with aero roof
    4 cylinder .7 L 660cc 4a30 engine
    Auto transmission

    First services performed
    - trans fluid drain and fill
    - engine and oil filter
    - air filter replaced
    - rear diff fluid changed

    Repairs needed
    - front axles need to a reboot
    - transmission cooler lines slowly weeping
    - timing belt for preventative maintenance
    - front disc brakes and pads

    Most important is I have absolutely no power. I hope I don't have low compression. In neutral, I can bring the engine to 7-8k and it sounds good. When I put it in gear and hammer down it just barley creeps to life. Especially if it's cold.

    If I run the AC it really struggles

    Sometimes however it seems to have more power than other times. I wish I knew if this was normal or not. I really don't think it is, I should have more power.

    It takes a long time to get from second to third gear.

    Over the next few weeks I'll be diving into this more. if there's anyone out there working with the 4a30 and auto trans , post here so we can brainstorm
  2. MikeD

    MikeD Member

    I'm back. I finally got the title for my vehicle and have learned a lot since my original post. Just wanted to rattle off some notes below for anyone else out there looking for info on the 4A30 Mitsubishi Bravo AT with AWD

    • My lack of power problems are seemingly solved
      >> I suspect the fuel was nasty and everything was gummed up
    • I added a fuel additive called "mechanic in a bottle" yeah yeah, laugh it up but this sh*t works. When I first got the vehicle it would barely move and the engine bogged down well below 600 rpms under load. I know have full power and the engine will idle up when AC is turned on to 1500 rpms.

    • Amayama.com and Partsouq.com are the best resources for parts

    • The 4A30 engine makes power around 4000rpms and it falls off around 6000 rpms.
    • It can cruise comfortably at 40mph. Uphill it will struggle and slowly decline down to the 20-35 mph range and kick into second gear Maxes out around 55mph with a long running start and down hill assist.
      >> Think of this as a golf cart you can drive on the streets with AC and power windows =]

    • Oil filters can be sourced locally for the 4A30 motor with Napa 1358
    • I ordered Airfilters from Partsouq but there may be a local alternative
    • Engine oil is 5W30 @ 3.5 quarts
    • Transmission is ATF Dex3
    • Gear boxes are 75w-85 which can use the more common 75-90 or anything close to it.
    • Spark plug is a NGK DCPR7E. They are removed with a 16mm THIN WALLED socket. I actually ordered the original tool kit from Amayama so in the mean time I'm not messing with it.

    Common part numbers below relating to 1995 Mitsubishi Bravo $a30 motor U44V

    Part Part #
    Oil Filter - MD134953
    Air Filter - MR316495 / JS Asakashi A348J
    Timing belt - MD312823
    Distributor assembly - MD312823
    Distributor Cap - MD618985
    Rotor - MD618871
    Timing belt tensioner - MD195998 / GMB GT90320
    Tensioner Spring - MD309804
    PCV Valve -
    Thermostat Mistu - 1305A025
    Radiator Cap MB957124 SUPERCEDED - MR481218
    Waterpump -MD195193
    Spark Plug x4 NGK DCPR7E
    Wires - MD311397
    CV Boot Kit Inner - MB526006
    CV Boot Kit Outter - MB886947
    Rear Brake Drums -
    Rear Brake Shoes -
    Front Brake Pads - MR389518
    Front Brake Rotors - MB587247
    Inline Fuel Filter - MR127133
    Fuel Pump - MR134113

    REAR Diff Drain Plug and Gasket KIT MB001265
    REAR Diff Fill Plug and Gasket KIT MB001261
    REAR Diff Fill Plug _Gasket Only MB6600066
    REAR Diff Drain Plug_Gasket Only MB001294

    FRONT Diff Drain Plug and Gasket KIT MB001265
    FRONT Diff Fill Plug and Gasket KIT MB001261
    FRONT Diff Fill Plug _Gasket Only MB6600066
    FRONT Diff Drain Plug _Gasket Only MB001294

    Transfer Case Drain Plug and Gasket Maybe MF660036
    Trasnfer Case Fill Plug and Gasket Maybe MF660036chasis.

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