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1994 Autozam Scrum Van

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by dalez0r, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. dalez0r

    dalez0r New Member

    Hello all! New kei van owner! Bought one for a pittance that wouldnt start, hoping to get it going. Above-average mechanical ability, so wish me luck! Where I'm at so far:

    Carb is spewing tons of gas into the engine and out the intake as soon as the key is on.

    Compression tests bad: 25, 100, 35 PSI left to right cylinders.

    Where is the oil dipstick?!?!

    I hope to yank the carb this weekend and resolve a likely stuck float, and I've got a leakdown test kit to try on the cylinders. Maybe (hopefully) just valves?
  2. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Bronze Supporting Member

    Check the valve slack.

    .004 for intake and.006 for exhaust.
  3. 57 Ranch

    57 Ranch New Member

    Squirt some oil in those plug holes, before turning it over. The cylinders are likely washed down with gasoline. Also, do an oil change, before starting it again.
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  4. dalez0r

    dalez0r New Member

    I checked the valve clearances yesterday and sure enough, the intake valves werent closing. Cylinder leakage now shows 15%, compression at 145PSI across the board. Next up: stuck carb float!
  5. dalez0r

    dalez0r New Member

    How likely do yall think the valves or valve seats got damaged? Previous owner pull started it at 20mph and drove it like that at least a couple times long distances. Should I be concerned (eventually I plan to take this on a 1000 mile round trip), or since my compression tests good not worry about it?
  6. dalez0r

    dalez0r New Member

    Also, I saw a post referencing a conversion from square to round headlights, but no real details. Has anyone done this?
  7. Ohkei Dohkei

    Ohkei Dohkei Member

    If you have good compression and you are not seeing smoke at start-up, your valves and guides should be fine.
  8. dalez0r

    dalez0r New Member

    Huge cloud of smoke on first start up. Will find out tonight if that cleared itself out.

    Anyone know what the little red warning light in the lower right corner of the cluster is for? It stays on once the engine is started... Looks like this: ((O))
  9. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    That shows a brake problem. Could be low fluid, park brake lever not fully released, defective park brake switch, or some other matter.


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