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1991 Mitsu front disc specs?

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by pogue, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. pogue

    pogue New Member

    Hello. New to the forum and glad to be here.

    I need the manufacturers front disc brake minimum thickness specifications.

    Can anyone help?:frustration:
  2. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    should be stamped on the inside of rotor,usually covered by rust:frustration:
    Sambar spec is 16.0 mm
  3. pogue

    pogue New Member

    Thanks Subaru. I had a feeling you were going to say that.

    Where in Alberta are you? I am in Edmonton.
  4. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    The big metropolis of Airdrie:D
  5. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Mitsu front disc specs

    pogue, i don't know if this will be the same for your vehicle but here are the specs out of a 1989 Mits service manual for the U.S. version LHD 4WD

    minimum thickness of:

    front disc: 9.4 mm (.370 in)

    front disc pads: 2.0 mm (.79 in)

    rear brake lining (shoes): 1.0 mm (.039 in)

    MAXIMUM I.D. rear brake drum: 205 mm (8.1 in)

    again this is for U.S. marketed Mits. hope this helps.......later, slim
  6. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    Wow-looks like your fronts are solid and not vented,or else really small:)
  7. pogue

    pogue New Member

    Thanks Slim. I need this information to show the mechanic to get my Mitsu road licensed. Do you have a copy that you could email or fax me?
  8. pogue

    pogue New Member

    Pulled the disc off last night. Same 9.4mm spec as Slim mentioned.
  9. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    mitsu brake specs

    Pogue, sorry it took sooo long to post back - had some scanner issues, hope these help.........later, slim

    photos 062.jpg

    photos 064.jpg

    If you can't see these clearly PM me and i'll email them to you w/ higher resolution.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
  10. pogue

    pogue New Member

    Thanks Slim.

    I sent you a PM.


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