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1988 hijet carb will not idle

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Norman, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Norman

    Norman New Member

    NormanNew Member
    1988 Hijet ,Carbureted
    I have a friend with a 1988 Hijet he bought not running
    the replaced the fuel pump and carburetor and got it running but it was all over the place revving up
    i went to look at it made some adjustments i thought they may have the vacuum lines wrong
    tried switching some around , i got it working on high speed but it will not idle just dies out
    would any one have a vaccuum schematic or some idea how to get this thing to idle
    i even heard some guys have switched over to a motorcycle carb any idea's carb type adaptor plate etc
    help please

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