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1200cc Subaru Sambar VW replica

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Wendy, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Hi Chris
    I imported my 1200cc Subaru Domingo/Sambar VW replica van through Algy Autos last summer. All my dealings with them were professional and above board.
    First you pay a registration fee. You then get daily-ish emails of what's coming up for auction in Japan with photos. They have agents there that also provide short condition reports on the vehicles. The 1200cc version comes up quite rarely - maybe one every 4-6 weeks.
    If you want one you then pay AlgyAutos the auction cost and then after that the transport costs. Finally 6-8 weeks later, when the van arrives in the UK it is converted for UK use and MOT'd and you pay that, plus the DVLA registration and car tax. (For the MOT, mine just needed a rear fog lamp and mph speedo/odometer and I also had a small dent sorted which I'd missed when examining photos of the van).
    You then travel to the garage near Avonmouth/Bristol to collect it.
    Love mine! Good luck!
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  2. Stoneycp

    Stoneycp New Member


    Thanks very much for replying so quickly.
    I will look further into this then, with the hope to oneday owning one!
    With the news this morning however, with the Earthquake in Japan, Algy Autos import scheme must be affected.

  3. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Not found anything in English or French yet but my brother has found me a PDF version of the German LHD Libero manual referred to as the Subaru E12. Lots of pictures which are fairly self explanatory so useful even if your German is as bad as mine.
    He's also found me a parts catalogue - 60 wonderful labelled exploded images which I'm sure will be useful for anyone servicing the vehicle, 'though most of it is way over my head.
    I'd be happy to forward these to anyone who'd like them, or upload them to this site , if I could work out how (maybe that's where they came from in the first place!).
  4. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Just testing that my uploaded picture appears!
  5. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Photos uploaded at last

    I've finally worked out how to upload photos - they're in a public album called Genevieve (I hope!) if you want to see them.
  6. scott0082

    scott0082 New Member

    Hi people,

    After a lot of search I found my love and bought it just today.

    1990 subaru samba e12 4wd.

    I was wondering If anyone here has a rear right window to sell me and also where I can find parts online and a service manual if possible.

    It would be great if anyone can help me.

    Thank you
  7. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Am I right in thinking you've got the 1200cc version? Gather that is technically the Subaru Domingo rather than Sambar.
    As far as I've been able to establish, there's no English manual for the Subaru Domingo/E12.
    However, I have a German LHD manual which is still pretty useful. I can email you a copy if you want.
    Regarding parts, if you are in the UK, you can try Mariusz Mika at Japanese Automotice Solutions, Tel 0845 6808 007, web@japautosolutions.com, www.japautosolutions.com.
    But the engine parts are quite easy to get hold of as the engine is the same that was in the Subaru Justy which was sold in the UK.
    Sorry I can't help you with a rear window.
    Out of interest, do you have front seats with head-rests that swivel? If so I'm very envious - my seats don't swivel and I'm trying to find some that do!
    I love my Domingo - she's christened Genevieve.
    You must upload some photos.
    Wish you many happy hours driving.
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  8. scott0082

    scott0082 New Member

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  9. GMOX

    GMOX New Member

    Import to Canada

    Hi Wendy,
    Did you go through Algys Autos or did you buy your 1200cc direct from Japan? If direct from Japan, would you share the process you had to go through?

    p.s. I saw a note about the 1200cc overheating on highways, has this issue been raised with you? I would like to get the 1200cc as well, so it is worth investigating.

  10. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    I was very happy with Algy Autos.
    See my posting of 10-March in this thread above for details of the process.
    It took about 6 weeks for a 1200cc to become available, so be patient.

    Regarding the overheating, yes it is a problem I and others have encountered. For details, check out the thread "Overheating Sambar" started by Fay Presto. http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?p=74244#post74244. We are now cautiously optimistic that the problem is solved. Any mechanical problems are exacberated by inadequate ventilation through the front and seem to be alleviated by specialist coolant.

    But despite those teething problems, I'm delighted with "Genevieve" and do not regret for a moment importing her on a whim, based on a few photos!
  11. GMOX

    GMOX New Member

    Transportation and Conversion Costs

    Hi Wendy,
    I am in Canada, and just learning about the Sambar Vans. I will probably get the 1200cc, as well. Could you please help a novice with some questions? Do you minds letting me know the average costs for the following:

    1) Tranportation Cost: Japan to UK?
    2) Cost to upgrade Sambar to local requirements?
    3) Local Registration cost?
    4) Vehicle Tax?

    Thanks Wendy!

  12. GMOX

    GMOX New Member

    1200cc Manual

    Hi Wendy,
    Could you please email me the German LHD manual? My email is graham_moxon@hotmail.com Thanks! Graham

  13. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Hi Graham
    These are the costs I incurred for my 1994 1200cc Domingo, which I imported last year...
    £3,561.00 - auction cost
    £1,813.45 - import cost
    £ 592.24 - UK adaptations for MOT
    £ 58.75 - register vehicle with DVLA
    £ 130.00 - UK annual road tax
    £6,155.44 - total UK on the road price
    Hope this helps.
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  14. GMOX

    GMOX New Member


    Thanks Wendy. Enjoy, Graham
  15. GMOX

    GMOX New Member

    Hi Wendy - does this include the Registration fee?

    Hi Wendy - does these costs include Algys registration fee?

  16. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    As far as I remember, yes, it includes Algy's registration fee as that is refundable ie deducted from the vehicle costs.
  17. YogiLori

    YogiLori New Member

    Subaru Domingo overheats!

    Hi guys. I've just bought a 1200 cc Domingo in lovely condition
    Or so I thought! On the motorway driving back from the car dealer. It overheated spewing coolant everywhere. I took it to a garage which topped it up with water and ran some checks. They say there are no sign of leaks. That the fan is fine and I should just stop worrying
    I don't want this to happen again and want to remedy the prob as it's under warranty from the dealer but nobody can find a problem. Think I'm going mad here. Could it be caused by the body kit?
  18. KleinerMuck

    KleinerMuck New Member

    You've got the van with the "Volkswagen-body-kit"?
    If so, the body kit leads to reduced opening for cooling air intake for the heat exchanger.
    Anyway, I would recommend to check first frequently(!) if there is any leak of cooling liquid, and second to get checked the water pump. The pump is an integrated part of the engine, driven by an internal chain, and mounted on the right side of engine. If there is a leak from that pump, one can see it at the lowest edge on the right side of the engine (go down on your knees :)). If one can see dropping there, it's the water pump who is leaking.
  19. Wendy

    Wendy Member

  20. YogiLori

    YogiLori New Member

    Domingo overheating

    Thanks for the replies. I've checked for leaks and not a single drop anywhere. She runs great locally no problems at all. It was just the one time on the motorway I'm gonna take her in to a Subaru specialist nearby and ask them to check everything in depth. I'll keep you posted
  21. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    I've finally had Genevieve, my lovely Subaru Domongo fully converted into a camper van complete with storage, sink, hob, fridge, leisure battery, mains hook-up, single bed and even a commode! Check out the photos in my new album.
    All I need now is some decent weather. And I'm still looking for swivel seats for the front. I'm willing to pay good momey for them and import them from anyway in the world (to the UK). Don't care what condition they are in.
  22. Gardener

    Gardener New Member

    Hi Wendy, I'm in the Uk and a new Subaru owner. Do you still have the Sambar and if so can you offer any tips to another novice? I have just posted re the VW kit as I'd like to find somewhere that supplies replacment accessories just in case! many thanks
  23. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    Yes, I've still got my Subaru Domingo (1200cc) campervan "Genevieve". I'm probably not the best person to offer tips as I do nothing to maintain her - all I do is add petrol. I've a mechanic in Ramsgate, Kent who looks after her. Main problem is she doesn't like running fast up hill - has a tendency to overheat, but I just slow down and/or whack the heater on full blast and then she cools down. Other thing to watch out for is the wind - I live in Kent and when it's windy I have to crawl over the Medway bridge at 40 and sometimes 30mph or she gets pushed across the road. But I wouldn't swap her for the world - she's my only vehicle and has proved herself to be a reliable everyday car (hope I haven't jinxed her by saying that!).
  24. Gardener

    Gardener New Member

    Thanks for your reply! My sambar is only 700cc so it's very slow up hills but surprisingly nippy...I'm getting used to it and most of the time the traffic is in jams anyway so I don't hold many people up! The advice is appreciated - your van sounds great, would love to see some pics!
  25. Wendy

    Wendy Member

    I uploaded some photos of Genevieve a while ago - click on "Wendy", then "profile", then my album. They were taken before I had done the front seats, so she looks much better now - must take more pictures to upload.
  26. Gardener

    Gardener New Member

    Hi Wendy, WOW she is stunning! What a fantastic colour and the interior looks amazing. Mine is a baby blue colour and it is has the original interior so it's quite plain. I need to find a local car upholsterer to get it updated. Bet it attracts a lot of attention. They are a joy to drive, just wish my 13 year old son felt the same about it!!
  27. Csaba

    Csaba New Member

    Is it possible to order only the front vw replica kit alone, and make the conversion at home?
  28. Baileybumps

    Baileybumps New Member

    I too am looking for conversion kit parts, white rimmed tires, drum rims, bumpers. All for a Suzuki Every...anyone point me in the right direction?

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