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Apr 7, 2011
Dec 26, 2008
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Apr 7, 2011
    1. mini456
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    2. treefarmer
      94 acty ha4 dies after warmup and driving approximately 8 miles.after it cools down for 45 minutes it will start again.
    3. smokeyboyz
      thank you for the reply i notice you like to hunt where are you located and what do you hunt? i am in ohio and hunt deer,ducks,geese and just about everything that is in season. i just bought a m77 6mm for coyotes. So do you sell these trucks? what do you think a 97 3" lift dump bed auto 4x4 a/c is worth? so does your new 93 auto have hi/lo? that would be what i want! how does it run on the road mine is loud and squirly i would like to avoid these things this time. I like your tire choice mine stick out and the truck is always muddy. i run on road for a few mile in between farms and the larger tires definetly bogged it down. what is your top speed on road? mine is 80kph on a long strech. i would love to see more photos of the auto mitsu. I imported mine directly from japan 3 years ago. talk to you later
    4. dwink
      I've had a 99 mitsi and a 93. The 99 was the one with the front replacement bumper. It was efi and had hi/lo with 4 inch lift and 25" tires. The 93' had a three inch lift with 25" tires. I currently have an 03' mitsi auto that i am starting on. I plan on a 5" lift with 25's. I recommend the hi/lo transfer case for off road uses. For the engine idling issue on yours, I would use "seafoam" from your local auto parts store. You can add it straight to the fuel. I would probably give it a tune up. You can purchase all of the stuff from several site sponsors. I would also try using higher octane fuel.
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