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Apr 21, 2015
Sep 9, 2008
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Southcentral Illinois

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Moderator, from Southcentral Illinois

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Apr 21, 2015
    1. tony242000
      Hello Sir,

      Any tips on the my minitruck

      The fuel pump does not get signal to prime.

      If I Conect the fuel pump direct to the battery truck start right up..
      After I start the truck then there is a 12 v signal to the Pump.. Very strange.
      any tips.
      1. Kapium
        Try to get a service manual with wiring diagrams. My guess is that there is a relay that provides the fuel pump power from the On-key position that is no longer working but it's able to get power from the alternator after startup. Good luck!
        Jul 2, 2020
    2. Up and Coming Machinist
      Up and Coming Machinist
      I have a question regarding a headlight replacement, on the passenger side of my 1998 honda ACTY, is it as simple as replacing a bulb, or am I going to have to replace the whole lamp assembly?
    3. greg0187
      Welcome to the Moderator Club!!!!! Glad to have you onboard!
    4. pairofhounds
      Hi, I have something that maybe you can help me out with. got an 89 hijet. aside from carb issues it was running fairly well untill today.driving up an incline when it lost power and then shut off on its own. Cranked it back up with not much trouble and continued in 2nd gear hi. Had it floored and the rpms not building. Seemed to clear up and then died. Try to crank but nothing. Makes a different noise while cranking like its not catching or lost compression. Also needs a water pump.. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    5. danyr123
      i have a problem with my acty 1992 my idle control unit box keep burning and my truck wont run idle ..can you help me .i dont want spend 200$ on on a third box before i fix my problem ..thankyou
    6. Bro JJ
      Bro JJ
      Where will i find the year model on my Honda mini truck ?
    7. Bro JJ
      Bro JJ
      I washed my mini truck had a problem with it running put it on the fourm & the advise was perfect now i am going strong thanks for the info !
      1. tony242000
        Bro JJ
        DO you still have the minitruck?
        Jun 13, 2020
    8. RLS1971
      OldMachinist....Thanks for taking the time to post information on the Air cut solenoid. I was having problems with acceleration/bogging after slight pedal and did the same as you did and it is running good with lots more power.....I also had to modify the other solenoid located on the same side of the carb, it would not idle low because this solenoid controls a needle that shuts fuel supply off to the pilot/idle circuit for what reason I have no idea. I simply cut the needle off and it is purring like a kitten again....Thanks again for your useful information
    9. OzarkTech
      Glad to see that a few people like the Honda ACTY, I've got some good info from the site, sounds like youv'e done some homework on these trucks, have you had your's long? And have you experienced any real problems with yours? I bought mine several months back its a 95 acty, 5 spd no a/c but a great heater, it has167,000 km on the odo, for the miles its in excellent shape, thought when I bought it I figured I'd have to replace much of the truck but have been amazed, most of the normal wear parts are like new, I really lucked out on this truck, being an auto tech for 40+ years helped when I was looking. Do you have a lift on your truck, and larger tires? Mine is pretty much stock and has the 155/12 tire on it, I'm amazed where this truck will go in the stock condition, I live in southern Missouri, in the Ozarks, in the national forest, and most of my driving is slow and offroad, but this truck will cruise down the highway 50-60 no problem. I,d like to hear from you!
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