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Oct 27, 2013
Oct 17, 2009
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Member, from Richmond, BC, Canada

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Oct 27, 2013
    1. _meat_
      Hi Jason; I thought I would ask your expertise. I am looking at two options for vans right now, a Subaru Domingo versus a Suzuki Every! I responded to your original "New Domingo" thread and would love to hear your thoughts. All the best!

    2. Mago
      I think I saw your van last summer near fruiticana off cambie in Richmond. Wow looks great
      I just got mine last month...needs work . headlights have been separated but I am not sure what next- are your sealed beams glued in place? RD
    3. bashosho
      Hello Jason,

      Thank you so much for the pictures I really appreciate it, very cool cool ride. If its OK with you I'll pm you if I have some concerns.
    4. bashosho
      Hi Jason,

      This is Carl, I have read one of your post and learned that you owned a Suzuki every and converted it to a vw kit. I am very interested with this kit and I want one installed in my Suzuki. If you don't mind can you please send me pictures of your kit?

      I have a couple questions, the kit allows us to cover the vent, Do you experience overheating? Can you give me an incite on how its done and give the radiator room to breathe?

      Hoping for your favorable response,

    5. olddatsunfan
      Makes sense I think, but, I don't know the rules well enough to know about insuring one as a ATV/UTV. Good luck!
    6. atmloguc
      Couple of reasons, mostly never going to be used as a daily driver and the 2003 Suzuki moved the front axle forward (works better going over rocks) that and the fact that UTV/ATV insurance is cheaper and I just so happen to live in a city that ATV's are fully allowed on the streets!!! ;-)
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    1996 Subaru Domingo, 1990 Suzuki Every Turbo Van, Lots of Datsuns