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Mighty Milt
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Jan 19, 2013
Apr 1, 2008
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Tolleson, Arizona
Mercenary for hire.

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Mighty Milt

Active Member, from Tolleson, Arizona

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Jan 19, 2013
    1. Shelburne Troy
      Shelburne Troy
      Mighty Milt I first wanna thank you for how helpful you've been with me, very knowledgeable and I appreciate it very much. I thought if anyone could help me with this, it would be you or Spence. My question is this, could I mate a k6a engine to my 1999 efi f6a's transmission? Do you know if the k6a and f6a have the same bolt pattern for transmissions? Thanks a lot my friend
      1. Shelburne Troy
        Shelburne Troy
        Do they use the same block?
        May 2, 2020
    2. TRAX and HORNS
      TRAX and HORNS
      Terry Bearden/ Trax and Horns in Austin. We are running to Calif. to pick up some mini trks. We are also bidding on a car in Phoenix. If we get the car I need to put it somewhere for two days while we to Calif. and pick it up on the way back. Do you have a secure location to stash the car if we get it for a couple of days?
      Terry 512-217-7456
    3. mightymits#21
      hey- do any of yall know how to break the governors on these things
    4. Beviecaye
      Hey - I've not been on lately but Have a question. Where can I locate the VIN number on a Mitsubishi? Thanks for any help
    5. geno
      Thanks for the info on the tires, one more question if I may, there is alot of new takeoff ATV tires for sale around here and I was wondering if you knew if a 25x10x12 and 25x8x12 would fit the Suzuki without a lift, they are on a Arctic Cat rim which I am told is a 4x115 pattern.
      Thanks again Milt.
    6. geno
      Did you have to lift the truck to get the 14's on it? And will these fit on a 91 Suzuki without mods? Will I lose power, torque, etc?
    7. 350v8s10
      Never mind - I found it using search - thanks anyhow
    8. jtpc
      Hey there, so did you sell your Daihatsu for the Jeep? I used to have a jeep (as I said in the post). They can be fun.
    9. Mighty Milt
      Mighty Milt
      thanx for looking out for me =)
    10. Shrimp Daddy
      Shrimp Daddy
      Had to visit your page to see your posts. I'm getting unerved about this tongue lashing your getting and I'm about ready to vent for ya. Well,vent as nice as possible on the forum.
    11. tmikewww
      Sorry to bother, but haven't seen any posts from "Glenn" for quite a while. Didn't reply to email message asking how he's been. I understand (read) you spent some time with him in Niagra Falls. Any clues?
      just curious. Liked reading his "remarks". Neat guy.
    12. CHAD S.
      CHAD S.
      How Is The Exhaust Working Out For You??? Does The Inside Of The Cab Get Hot? I Have Put A Snorkel In The Back On The Right Hand Side And I Am Undecided On Whether Or Not To Put My Exhaust On The Left Side. When I Can Have My Wife Help Me With The Picture Thing Online I'll Have Photos.
    13. Damien Rorick
      Damien Rorick
      ok well me and a buddy had a four wheeler that wouldent run at all without the muffler and when u got it to run you could hear the valves cladering and it would smoke we put it back on and it ran fine from that i always thought it needed somthing for back pressure on that note taking off the cat would be a good idea? what your opinon? i dont own a hijet my self iam doing some mods on two of them for a friend and his dad iam building snorkels and exoskeleton rollcages for both and puting winches on them the dads hijet was rooled over and crushed the top in i got the body straight enough to put the windsheild back in it had to get the rad fixed on the other one it had a crack in it both have like a 6 or 8 inch lift and 25"s camo paint the dads runs great but the sons has a hard starting problem maybe you could help me out
    14. cgasch
      I would like to ask you some questions about this truck if you would call me at 8303347155. thanks
    15. oldsnowman
      Hi Milt
      this might be a dumb questions but is the minicab and the mighty the same truck, because when i look up parts and the parts guy is calling it a mighty mits parts don't make sence like in the cab parts.
    16. cheepBeer
      Hey LawnGasCaulk Ive just bought a Mitsubishi Minicab and joined the forum as “Cheepbeer” I live here in AZ, Cochise county can we get them on the road as atv’s I mean Golf carts and my quad r on the road here…Thanks any info welcome
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    Home Page:
    Tolleson, Arizona
    Mercenary for hire.
    I like to make things, or make them better. it's not fast enough till it's fast enough to hurt you.


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