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Jul 8, 2017
Jan 8, 2011
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Member, from Fulshear, TX (West of Houston)

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Jul 8, 2017
    1. jhummel09
      hi the biggest problem i have found with a lift kit is it causes me caster to be positive way bad it work great when i had saggy spring but i bought some qa1 2.5x10x250# i reccomend the 2 5/8 10 250 they will work much better i also had to lift the back a couple of inches to level it out now i have 25 on mine and they are way nobbie they are swamp lites and they hit every now and again but my struts r bad as well there is a post on here that says u can use struts off a 1986 pontiac firefly with a little mod and they will work hope this helped keep me posted thanks
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    94 S83P, RH, 660cc, 4sp, 4wd, AFCO Springs (250#), 25x8 Grim Reapers, ITP 7" wheels, 1" front/2"rear lift.