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Jul 8, 2024
May 14, 2015
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Dec 12, 1956 (Age: 67)
Salmon, Idaho

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Well-Known Member, Male, 67, from Salmon, Idaho

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Jul 8, 2024
    1. Patayote
      "Without the idle circuit working it will be very hard, or impossible to get the engine running. You could see if you can find some kind of plug to replace the solenoid, and try starting without it in place. Or, just cut the nose off the solenoid and use it as a plug."Can you please explain further on this process of cutting off the nose of the siloniod ? I think this is the problem. Thank you An
    2. Michael rehak
      Michael rehak
      Need internal parts and spring for 86 Suzuki carry db71t with manual hubs from factory any one have one or point in the direction in witch to find one
    3. Suzsicky
      Hi, has anyone here done a f6a turbocharged engine swap on a 90’s carry?
    4. Nautydog1
      Have a question for you! So after digging deeper and poking around! I found this unconnected mystery line coming off the inside frame of the left side. If your looking at the frame on the left side over the bed compartment! it’s between the to heater air hoses and it’s a rubber 1/4” line about 14” long. Truck runs good. But a mystery. Look up my 1/4” mystery line post for pictures.
    5. Tator
      Why did my gas tank collapsed just after installing a new carburetor! Can anyone tell me?
    6. KMiller
      Hey man I have a question on head light LED Aftermarket wiring set up, Can you help me out?
    7. Randal Sue Bee
      Randal Sue Bee
      Asking because you are fairly close to me - Walla Walla WA. Do you happen to have some (4) 12" wheels?
    8. AKsambar
      Hey i saw in a post that you had a sunbeam alpine. I had a '67 in the early 80s. At the time I lived in the Bay Area and there was a place called Sunbeam unlimited that happened to be there. I could go buy used spoke rims with the knock offs when I drove a little to hard and broke a bunch of spokes. Those dual Strombergs were a nightmare.
    9. SpankyNFla
      Hey man...cool lookin' truck. Really dig the scissor lift.
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    Dec 12, 1956 (Age: 67)
    Salmon, Idaho
    Engineer, with a good mechanical background, and aptitude. Been wrenching on things since I was a kid.

    Currently wrenching on my 1994, Hijet S110P, with a scissors dump bed.


    94 Daihatsu Hijet S110P, Pick/Tipper, aka Scissors Lift / Dump.

    EFNS Engine, Carbureted, 660-cc SOHC, 5-Spd Manual, with high/Low Range transfer case, locking rear differential, Air Conditioning.

    And lots of mods to support the snow plow and plow lights: Two inch lift with 150 to 450-lbs/inch variable rate springs; 14X6 wheels and 165/75R14 snow tires with studs; “Custom” square tube bumpers with 2-inch receivers at the middle and ends; hardwired 12-Volt power taps front and rear, Front and rear light bars, and a 90-amp alternator, and oversized battery to keep up with the load from the plow, and lights.
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