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Apr 19, 2023
Nov 16, 2009
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Wrenshall MN

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Apr 19, 2023
    1. Ironraven
      Oh, and as far as shipping is concerned, it's not bad if you send them individually. I've sent plenty of wheel/tire combinations through the mail.
    2. Ironraven
      The compromise between on road and offroad performance was great, but I'm getting to the point where I am doing some serious offroading and I want a taller, more aggressive tire. There are some trails around here that have surprise holes and I'm sick of getting high centered lol. If I can pull it off I'm going to get the EFX MotoGrips because they are also a DOT Certified ATV tire... but they're 26x10" and I don't know if I can make 'em fit :D If not I'll just have to find a narrower ATV tire and swap between street and trail tires. Not my first choice but it's all good if it works ...
    3. downhere
      Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! The shipping is a killer! It would cost me less to buy new. That being said I think I'm going to wait until the deck van gets here before I buy! I'm worried that 10" on back will interfere with the sliding doors! Why are you getting rid of them anyways? Are they not what you expected?
    4. Ironraven
    5. Ironraven
      I got it on ebay. I'll try and see if I can find the seller for ya :)
    6. firejonny89
      hey where did u get your lift from i might just order a new one and junk the old instead of tryin to make it work not my tirea are not only camber way off one will be straight and the other turned a little and as it rolls slow the on that was straight come the other way with no wheel turn so idk i think im up a creek
    7. Ironraven
      I didn't have to do anything to the rear at all. It'd be easy to measure though. Take a tape measure and measure from the center of your hub to the spot you're worried about. if it's more than 11.5" you'll be fine. I had no trouble with the front door opening and closing and wouldn't have had a problem with them at all if it wasn't that I needed to turn the front wheels. Even then trimming was minimal.

      You have a lift on your van right?
    8. downhere
      My biggest worry is if the rear doors on this deck van will clear the tires?
    9. Ironraven
      Oh, and they do a lot better than I thought they would off road too. I was pretty impressed with their performance.
    10. Ironraven
      Yeah, they do pretty well at highway speeds most of the time... sometimes I get a tire vibration in them and the steering wheel shakes like a mofo for a bit but for the most part they are just fine. I put some silicone balancing beads in them and that helps quite a bit. I really wish there were some narrower DOT ATV tires because I don't really need them to be this wide and I'm sure that puts a little more stress on the steering system but all in all I'm pretty pleased with them.
    11. downhere
      How do the tires handle at higher speeds? These trucks are legal for road use here and I was thinking it would be nice just to have one set of tires for all uses!
    12. downhere
      Sorry to be a pain but i'm really interested in your tire choice and want to know how much power it scrubs off? What is the top end on your truck? Can you drive at highway speeds?

    13. Ironraven
      The rims are from some Chinese ATV, I found them on Craigslist. The tires are EFX Blades. I went with the 10x23R14's because they're radials instead of bias ply and they are DOT rated.

      FYI once my truck gets legalized in Minnesota I may be selling them... just because I won't need a DOT ATV tire anymore and I'd rather have some more dedicated trail tires for off road and some winter meats for plowing and general transportation.

      By "max out" I'm guessing you mean top speed? I can still hit 90kph no problem even with the wider, taller tires.
    14. downhere
      I was wondering with the tire and rim choice you put on your truck what does it max out at?
    15. Ironraven
      What district do you live in? Just e-mail your representative man, there's a bill that will probably be going through this legislative session, I'm pretty much not in control of it these days... just make sure your rep and your senator are on board and we'll be in like flynn.
    16. chieftam
      Ironraven: Who are you working with to try and legalize the trucks in MN? Do you have a copy of the legislation? I recently moved back in to MN and am in administration in law enforcement. I know many legislators, maybe I can help. Todd M. chieftam@aol.com or chieftam on this site.
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    1996 Suzuki Carry <> 2" Shackle lift <> 1" Spring lift <> Plow <> 5000# Winch <> Rear bumper with receiver <> Front brush guard with winch mount ... and more in the works! -^_^-
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