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Jun 10, 2020
Nov 25, 2007
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Spring Hill, TN
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Moderator, from Spring Hill, TN

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Jun 10, 2020
    1. Bulldogg
      Hi,guys just joined love my new little Kia mini truck , would love to put a 32mm carb on can anyone help me with doing this orbwill it even work ? Lol thanks for anyones help i hope everyone is having a great day ,,,,,
    2. Don-in-Japan
      Greg, I have a PDF of some reference materials that would be of some value to the site, but cannot post due to size. (16MB). If there is a way you can circumvent the limits, or post it yourself, let me know and we can get it on the forum.
    3. Little Jon
      Little Jon
      Thanks for the note Greg. I'm having a ball building and modifying my truck. I just wish I could upload some of my new pictures but the new host does not allow pis larger than 1GB. Jon
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    4. michael0584
    5. TamiPaulus

      How are you doing?
    6. TamiPaulus
      Hey! How are you doing?
    7. BC1
      How do I post?
    8. birddog
      Thanks for getting back to me. why do you say 250's over 275's? And have you seen gbrad's truck and set up. Do you know if he's still around. Also i found the springs in my area. thank you. what size rim and tires do you have on your truck. Did you add a spacer in the front. I'm also having trouble finding rims with the 4x100 lug pattern that i like, any recomendations? Thanks again.
    9. smh3w
      I was wondering if you had a chance, could I ask you a few questions? I live in Murfreesboro and am seriously considering getting a mini truck. Please feel free to email me at smh3w@yahoo.com -Thanks!
    10. birddog
      hi greg , can you give any info on the springs you replaced on the front of your truck. I'd like to change mine out but , dont know where to start. what brand , and size fit these trucks . and do you have a website for the place you got them at. thank you
    11. birddog
      Hi greg0187, nice work on your truck. could you share the info on your new springs ,they look great .what brand are they, and what size work on there. if you have any info it would be very helpfull thank you .
    12. hrcollinsjr
      Hey Greg,
      I just joined the site this morning. I'm south of H. Horton State Park. I'm scheduled to pick up a Sambar Dump truck the weekend after Labor Day. Hopefully my truck won't need anything for awhile but I'm glad to know there is someone close that knows a few things about these trucks. Harold
    13. mallardtm
      I need some help from the resident Daihaatsu expert. I haven't been able to lower my front diff. My new Afco springs and the 2-5/8" lift spacers that were on the truck when I purchased it are creating too much angle on the CV joint. I have already torn a new boot. It's been too much fun customizing my S83P but I have met my match (I don't have the tools or know-how to drop it). I value your insight on all things mini truck, your posts have been invaluable.
      Did you lower your front diff yourself or did you have a fab shop near you do it? I'm in Nashville & travel to Columbia at least twice a week. I believe you are in the Spring Hill area. I would be very willing to trailer to your area if you could point me in the right direction. I have my truck running and looking great & don't want a CV Joint to be what sidelines my truck.
      Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you.
      Todd Morrow
      wussup greg im new to this site an im tryn to put my mazda lowrider for sale on here do u know how i can do that thanks
    15. Dbishop15
      Greg, Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am virtually ignorant when it comes to these trucks. They are great machines, but this trouble is getting me to question why I own it.

      I have vacuum. Could it be the part that the vacuum lines run from the axle to. It is bolted to the underside of the body, in between the seats. It apparently is not switching to four wheel drive when I push the 4wd button.

      I will check with those parts people you told me about, if you could suggest which parts I will need to replace. I want to get it going. I really enjoy using my truck and don't like not having it.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.

    16. Dbishop15
      I have an early model Diahatsu and am having trouble with the 4WD jumping in and out. It sounds as if you have a great deal of knowledge concerning these trucks. Is my problem this vacuum you speak of, if so where is it located, how can I tell if it is bad, where do I purchase one of these?

      Thanks for your help.
    17. mallardtm
      Thanks. I haven't had much time with it the last 2 months, hope to get back into soon. My next to do list is to figure out the clunking noise up front. I am sure this is due to the new Afco springs that were installed, causing the cv joints to bind. It only happens every so often but enough to cause me concern. It added approx. 2" to the front. I am thinking I need to lower my front diff., just not sure how to do that. Any thoughts?
      I finally got my stereo and speakers installed, I'll post some pics soon.
      I also plan on figuring out why my cooling fan runs all the time, as soon as the ignition key is turned to power. This is all new to me so I am not sure where to start. I did find where to disconnect the power so it's not running unnecessarily. Any suggestions here would be appreciated.
      After I get these 2 items corrected it will be time to camo paint it. Hopefully by then I'll be done, but we know that is never the case. There is always a need to upgrade!
    18. Coast Steve
      Coast Steve
      Hi Greg, just a quick question,

      I can't find how to put an Avatar on my profile, can you help me out?

      Thanks, Steve
    19. 92 Super Deluxe
      92 Super Deluxe
      Bumber with winch question.

      Hello Greg, once you get the old bumper off are there places on the frame that will be heavy enough when you install the new bumper with winch it will not pull the bumper off the truck?

      I will be in the process of making a bumper & using 4000-4500lbs winch, and I think I will have a removeable so I can winch myself backwards also.

      I have a 2 inch lift on my 92 Diahatsu. It is a street driven truck that I plan on running atv tires&wheels when I drive offroad, I know 13 inch wheels are a bit too big for onroad accelecration. I am going to make full skid plates also. I am thinking 3/16", 1/4" may be abit heavy.

    20. Mighty Milt
      Mighty Milt
      Congrats on hitting 1000 posts... welcome to the club, brother :D
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