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Mar 31, 2024
Jun 12, 2009
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north of Toronto
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Mar 31, 2024
    1. flip
      Have a 92 daihatsu s83p-Gdm pickup. My problem is the following; truck overheated when radiator went dry, steam out of exhaust, pulled head and had it re surfaced and checked for cracks, all o.k. And re installed with new head,intake and exhaust gasket. Upon starting steam out of exhaust… still! No water in oil.
    2. Nautydog1
      Have a question for you! So after digging deeper and poking around! I found this unconnected mystery line coming off the inside frame of the left side. If your looking at the frame on the left side over the bed compartment! it’s between the to heater air hoses and it’s a rubber 1/4” line about 14” long. Truck runs good. But a mystery. Look up my 1/4” mystery line post for pictures.
    3. Mikeb1231
      Do you still sell the 4x110 to 4x100 adapters if so how much shipped to North Carolina 27106
    4. chris allen
      chris allen
      hi there any chance yOU HAVE ANY info on the s80lp
    5. two jims
      two jims
      do you still have adaptors for sale
    6. Chris Alivio
      Chris Alivio
      Hey, brother. I bought a glowshift Tach like the one you had. where did you connect the green signal wire to on the coil? there are 2 wires on the harness to the coil, one is black and the other is black with red stripe I believe. The instructions says to connect to the Negative on the coil. Btw, I have a 1993 Hijet truck S83 4wd, EF_CS engine. Thanks much
    7. Mark price
      Mark price
      I know it's a long shot. I'm looking for a set of wheel adapters if you have any.
      Thanks Mark
    8. ttc
      have a chance to pick up a set of the honda civic VX rims for my hijet, what width wheel spacers did you use on your truck? i have a set of rx7 rims now but saving a few lb a wheel must make a big difference for rotational mass and unsprung mass. how much of a change did you see when you swapped the the vx rims?
    9. 92 Super Deluxe
      92 Super Deluxe
      Did you ever come across the 4x110 to 4x100 spacers. I would be interested in buying a pair. My brother has several sets of 4 x 100 13 inch vw wheels and he may be able to part with a set if you are interested, but the 100s are a pretty common wheel
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    north of Toronto
    Corrections Officer
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    3658 maplegrove rd,Innisfil ,Ontario ,Canada
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    close enough without being dead on target,
    1992 miata,1952 Lambretta,1978 Vespa,1983 Vespa,1986 Chev 1/2 ton,1996 Volvo 850 turbo,1992 hijet,


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