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Nov 29, 2015
Oct 20, 2011
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1 albee

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Nov 29, 2015
    1. bigal87
      Im looking for a 4wd hi to low shift cable on a 1995 Daihatsu Hijet truck, is that something you would have?

      Thanks Al email is bigal963@aol.com
    2. gromit
      Hi Phil, sorry missed your name on first post, I would not suggest thinking about a diesel for these, the entire drive tain is cantored to the other side, the only component that is common is the radiator. the italians are not well known for making reliable engines, for a reason. I cannot find any other diesel apart from the Piagio porter, which was the italian rebadge of the Diehatsu that was fitted, there was a Suzuki and a Bedford rebadge model also, same issue there. If you could find a Toyota flat 4 diesel probably be better and no harder to fit. Good luck. Andy
    3. gromit
      Having read through some of the posts on here to give me some clues on a few isssues i noticed there were a few issues not clear in the manual, as I had to virtually disassemble one van to build the other I hoped my experience may be of benefit to some of you guys? Thanks for the interest. Gromit
    4. gromit
      HavinWhen i inspected the engine it had not been assembled, the cams were out and it was fouling internaly and not rotating on the crank(piston hitting head was suspected) Research found that the Piagio block is not a typical diesel, it was built in Italy as a modified marine unit, these are not common or cheap, so the call was made not to waste time or money either going back through the old engine to find out why the other mechanic had abandoned it or replacing it with a new one as a donor vehicle was available for small money with the EFI. As other people had sugested the swop was fairly easy this was the route taken. As it turns out that was not the case, but as I am now comited then it will be finished as a matter of proffessional pride if nothing else. I now have the engine running and all lights working, just need to swop out the back axle and fabicate gearbox mountings, then tidy up the engine bay. Then resubmit for test.
    5. gromit
      Hi Albee, in the normal world you would be right, however in this case there were a few issues. I was repairing the truck for a dealer, this one had the Columbus camper conversion on it so the body was the main value and his decision on where to spend money held sway. the van with it's original engine had been in another garage for it's anualy government safety(MOT) check when it suffered a head gasket failure. this was repaired and failed again, after a skimmed head and new head bolts it sat for a few months before being recovered. This was where I came in. will send rest on next mail due to msg size limit. gromit
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