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Young Auto End Of Year Stock Trucks

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by Youngauto, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Youngauto

    Youngauto Member

    Hello Everyone.
    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year :D

    Young Auto has 2 containers in stock for anyone who is interested in a container or 2. All excellent trucks. These trucks are in Japan in our yard.

    PM me if you would like pictures or prices.

    1991 MITSUBISHI MINICAB (96,000Km: 4spd: 4WD: AC)
    1991 SUBARU SAMBAR (42,000Km: 5spd: 4WD)
    1991 MAZDA SCRUM (96,000Km: 4spd: 4WD Hi/Lo)
    1993 SUZUKI CARRY (112,500Km: 5spd: 4WD Hi/Lo: Cooler)
    1993 MAZDA SCRUM (63,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Hi/Lo: Cooler)
    1995 SUZUKI CARRY (90,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Hi/Lo: AC)
    1995 HONDA ACTY (87,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Real time)
    1997 MITSUBISHI MINICAB (102,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Hi/Lo: PS)
    1997 SUZUKI CARRY (82,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Extra Low)
    1996 MITSUBISHI MINICAB (64,000Km: 4spd: 4WD Hi/Lo)
    1997 MITSUBISHI MINICAB (63,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Hi/Lo: AC)
    1999 SUZUKI CARRY (79,000Km: 5spd: 4WD Part time)


    Michael ****s
    International Division
    Young Auto Co Ltd
    Ph: 81 83 976 1000

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