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Wiper Problem

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by okaufman, May 18, 2010.

  1. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    1990 something Suzuki Carry.

    Drivers side wiper works fine.

    Passenger side not working.

    If I pull them out....like i was going to wash the windshield they both move.

    I took off the "bad" one and when i turn the wipers on i do see it moving....so im pretty sure the linkage is good.

    I believe the "gears" or whatever they are called for a wiper is stripped....so when it tries to move the wiper it just kind of slips thru.

    Could be the wiper arm is stripped and or the actual device that moves.....:frustration:

    I took it apart and tried some teflon tape hoping it would grab better...but no luck...

    Any suggestions?
  2. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    the grooved "wheel" or wiper nut is prob. stripped ...or the inner grooved hole on the wiper arm..if the teflon tape didn't provide any bite between them you will have to find which one is stripped and try to find a replacement....If you can get the grooved wiper mount nut off (some can be unscrewed from the wiper shaft) you could take it and try to match it up at a wrecking yard..Suzuki swift/geo metro might be a match..same with the wiper arm itself depending on which or both is stripped....
  3. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    Wiper part 2


    I have no issues taking off the wiper arm.

    I was a little hesitant to take off the wiper mount....not sure if something will fall back into the car....as i just finished putting the dash board together....

    If i unscrew the wiper mount....do you think i will be able to get it back on without having to do anything from inside the car?

    Last think i want to do is screw up the linkage and have to take the dash apart.....
  4. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    It depends on how it is attached...on some cars the grooved round wiper arm mount nut is screwed on..on others it is held into the mount with a c clip and would need to be removed completely (not a fun job on your truck I'm assuming)......you could try to recut the teeth on the shaft end and wiper arm with a dremel tool or hacksaw blade,
  5. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    ill take some pics tonight and post so you can see what im working with

    thanks for the help......
  6. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    Mine is 1992 and has a nut holding the wiper onto a spline.

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    Last edited: Jun 28, 2010
  7. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    Same here.... I took the nut off to expose the spindle and I think the gears on the spindle are stripped or the wiper gears are stripped

    Im hesitant to remove the spindle....I'm worried whatever is behind there will fall out behind the dash

    anyone ever remove the spindle?
  8. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    Usually it's the wiper that strips because it is casted aluminum and softwer than the metal on the spindal. Did you try pulling it tight.
  9. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    Tight as I could. I even tried to thread Teflon tape around it hoping it would grab.

    If I flip the wiper out like I'm going to clean the windshield it moves. But if the wiper is in the normal position the pressure is enough to hold it back and it slips

    sound like I need to find a new wiper arm
  10. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    Take the other one apart and compare you will at least see if the spline on the spindal is in good enough shape.
  11. renchjeep

    renchjeep Member

    You SHOULD be able to remove the nut holding the wiper arm to the shaft without losing anything into the under-dash area. Just be sure to take it off SLOWLY, and make sure nothing "bad" is happening. Like the shaft dropping into the car. In my experience. it is usually the splines on the wiper arm that give up first, and I have not had anything drop into the car by removing the nut holding the wiper arm to the shaft. Let us know how it goes.
  12. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    Well here is the story.....

    With the passenger side wiper arm off......when i turn on the wipers i can see the drivers side wiper working like it normally does....and the passenger side spindle is moving.....so i think the linkage is all good. I figured it was just slipping and not grabbing.....

    So i drilled a small whole all the way thru the wiper arm and spindle (top to bottom). I put a small nail in there so when the spindle moves that will turn the nail and should bring the wiper arm with it.

    It did NOT work! (i thought for sure it would)

    Something else is clearly going on....because there is no possible way it could be slipping at the spindle / wiper arm area with the nail in there.

    if the wiper arm is sticking out like i was cleaning the winsheild for example.....the arm drops down past the winshield area.....all the way down to the front bumper.......

    The other wiper that is working is solid and does not drop......

    Looks like i have no choice but to take apart the dash and see whats going on. (unless anyone else has any good ideas)

    I should have left it taken apart while i was installing the new radio!
  13. okeitrucker

    okeitrucker Member

    So how did it turn out? Was there something wrong with the linkage?
  14. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    i do believe it is something with the linkage...but i have not had the time to give up the vehicle long enough to take apart the dash and make the repairs. the drivers side wiper works so im not dead in the water....but would be great to have them both working....
  15. Papagator

    Papagator Member

    Hey....I know that Problem

    This is an old Thread so maybe you have stopped looking, But..... I know exactly what has happened to your linkage because it happened to mine.

    The Pin (splined on the wiper end) which goes from the outside of the wiper assembly inside to the linkage has detached from the linkage plate. (that will cause the wiper blade to spin down)

    Mine looks like it was originally welded in some fashion to the linkage plate. You have to reweld (or glue. or something) the head of that pin to the linkage plate.

    I will let you know how it goes.
  16. Papagator

    Papagator Member

    Problem solved!!


    Turns out the problem was that spindle welded to the linkage plate. It had come apart from the plate....I would bet yours is the same.

    I was able to replace the entire linkage assembly with one I purchased from minitrucks.ca (Thanks Todd). I replaced it WITHOUT taking the dash off!!

    Yes indeed, it can be done. Turns out you can take the Glovebox out and the sliding tray beside it. That gives you just enough room to get the old linkage out and the new one in. Dont worry about losing anything in behind the dash because its all connected and nothing can fall off. Dont get me wrong it is tricky (and a two man job) to get the spindles to line up with the holes in the body.......but if one person stands outside ready to grab the spindle and the other one manipulates the linkage.....it will work.

    Two working wipers makes it all worthwhile!
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  17. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member


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