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Winter ready

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Captain County, Jan 11, 2018 at 1:15 PM.

  1. Captain County

    Captain County New Member

    Finally got my 2001 Carry up and ready for winter operations.. check out my youtube!

    Ontario Canada

    SAITCHO New Member

    Nice setup, can you elaborate a bit on your front bumper+winch and on your snow blower. Cant wait for mine to show up. How do you like your dump bed?
  3. Captain County

    Captain County New Member

    the front and rear bumpers were made at a custom shop. Not cheap, but I really needed something strong to take the lift of the blower, and protect the truck when mucking around in the bush. I put an 8000 lb warn winch on, but really it was overkill.. max 6000 is all I needed in my opinion. The dump option is a great one for sure, but the problems you may find is finding a truck with a dump that isn't beat to hell. I actually had to rebuild that box as you may notice, as it was in poor condition. You can find a lot cleaner truck and just add the dump option later if I were to do this again. ( really and truly how much dumping do I plan to do ) This truck has diff lock, and I used it 3 times to get out of where I should be on my first offroad test. Truck is unstoppable in low range, but the high range doesn't have enough horsepower to get it up and moving..looking into the possibility of adding a turbo to help boost it a bit. Power steering is a dream with the tracks.

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