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Why Only One Speaker and on Passenger Side?

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by dgame, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. dgame

    dgame New Member

    Is there a JDM reason to only have one speaker, on the passenger side, enabled in a Keii truck? My 2020 Super Carry has an aftermarket radio hooked up to only the passenger side speaker despite the driver's speaker and wiring also being available. I also have seen some YouTube videos with other Kei trucks only having a passenger side speaker.
  2. Clauss

    Clauss New Member

    I think most of the older vehicles with am radios only had one speaker, but don't know why a 2020 would be that way. Hook up the other speaker and find out.
  3. dgame

    dgame New Member

    Thanks! I am eventually going to hook up the driver side speaker.

    One thing I notice is I can always hear the various warning beeps that come from the driver side. So maybe they did not want the radio to obscure the warning beeps.
  4. dgame

    dgame New Member

    Well, that was easy. I plugged in the insulated connectors on the radio adaper wiring harness for the driver side speaker. Now both speakers work. Sounds a lot better too.

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