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Which brand?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Youngauto, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Youngauto

    Youngauto Member


    We are mini truck exporter.

    I wonder what reason you choose the mini truck.
  2. marthaspears

    marthaspears New Member

    The reason I chose the truck is that they were economical and much flexible...
  3. BillinOregon

    BillinOregon Member

    Hi Young

    I chose a mini because it was a better value then the Kawasaki Mule which was in the same price range. Also - its mostly for wife to feed the horses. She likes the enclosed cab - heat in winter. The Polaris and the Kubota are around 10K. I do believe there is a limit. If the price of these trucks keeps going up they will be in the Polaris range. I think it becomes a more difficult choice at that point. I think $5K is probably the cutoff point.
  4. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    :cool:Uniqueness-cool-I have only seen 1 on the road in my city of 1.1 million people-and the number 1 reason,my son thought it would be cool to sit in the drivers/passenger seat and be able to do his own happy meal ordering:)
  5. Colin

    Colin Member

    I saw one on Craigslist. Looked like a lot of fun, so I bought it. :)
  6. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    My reason

    I saw one driving down the street, went into the McDonalds after him and we talked for over an hour about his "Suzi K". He even let me take it for a spin around the parking lot. That was it! I was hooked!:cool:
    I checked out the local adds on Kijiji and found a Honda Acty for $3500 and needs work to pass an out of provence inspection.:frustration:
    I am now waiting for parts (after 6 weeks of driveway drooling I have the itch to drive it!) I cant wait for on the road driving here in Edmonton, Alberta (street lethal my friends call it):D
  7. prdjim

    prdjim Member

    Show me a Polaris,mule or gator with....

    Help me out guys..

    (I'm actually stuck here. I was trying to come up with a mileage figure, like 50,000...ooh!, or 25,000... wow or 5,000 that's a lot of ranchin/farmin/trailin/campgroundin/fairgroundin.)

    I don't think there is a comparison $ for $ as to what you get for the money in a KEI compared to those mentioned above. I concede a Kubota is in it's own class, and you pay for it. It's probably worth it if you could ever use it enough to get the money out of it. But can a Kubota do more work in a day, or a month or ten years, or 50,000 miles than a Kei? Maybe. Show me a Kubota with 50k, I'll show you 100 KEIs with that and more. And for the money you could put four guys in KEIs on a jobsite for the price of one Kubota!


    The price of the trucks is going up because of freight and the new Duty. I can't post what I really think. But doesn't that increase seem to make the golf carts and mules less uncompeteitive? I mean more attractive?

    (intentional double negative)

    The thing is for some (me included) nothing is as cool and clever as a mini truck in lieu of a utv/atv. For others, it's so unique.. .gotta have one, chase the guy to McDonalds or wherever. Still others, need 10 with air conditioning for a coal to gas refinery, try to get aircon from Kawasaki. Others need financing and a warranty, well go to Polaris, Kawasaki, Kubota, or whoever. I hope your toy lasts longer than the note.

  8. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    I agree Jim. I just spoke to my exporter......the price of these have gone up allot in Japan in the last months. They realize the popularity as well as the gas prices and have driven up the prices at the auctions. I would buy one of these over a Polaris, Kawasaki, Kubota, or whoever any day. Even new versus used. They are just flat out better over all.

  9. treknavigator

    treknavigator New Member

    damm practical unit for the times small cheap on gas registration eh its all the truck any of us every needed but couldn't get till now look out the numbers are growing

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