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What is this

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by wellis66, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. wellis66

    wellis66 New Member

    I just purchased a Solectricia Flash, and I can tell it is based on a truck made in china, but does anyone recognize it?
    If you have any information, please email me at WELLIS@lotsoc.com or post here.

  2. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    hmm its left hand drive to. wonder where its from.. where is it now? lol
  3. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

  4. wellis66

    wellis66 New Member

    Re:What is it?

    Not sure why it is LOL.:D

    I was aware of the DOE article, but I still do not know what manufacturer was used to create the base that Solectricia used.

    Thanks for the info.

  5. wellis66

    wellis66 New Member

    What is it? Maybe a Changna

    I believe that the truck maybe a Changna Star. It looks very similar and several of the windows have Changna's logo on them.
  6. o8k

    o8k Member

    Strange that Ford and other companies would even bother to lie about having such offerings for 1999, in December 1998 when oil was selling for 10 bucks a barrel here in the US.... I filled up my Nissan Sentra that christmas holiday season at "the" gas station in Atlanta GA that was marked as the historical "lowest gas price ever" (taking inflation into account) of 67 cents a gallon!
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2009

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