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what is my Carry worth???

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by mitcharific, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. mitcharific

    mitcharific New Member

    Hi, I'm thinking about selling my old, pre 1985 Suzuki carry. run great, 25k miles, new brakes, but it has no doors.. It is titled and is street legal in Washington state. Any ideas??? thanks.


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  2. Worth is subjective as there is no blue book here. Some importers/vendors might be able to come up with some equation based on auction/import costs. Granted, that may even fall under historical vehicles etc which may add some value... Don't know for sure, but those doors are going to cost someone.

    Body wise ... whats under the brown etc - prep work to paint, body work. Couple of hundred or couple of thousand and the option of what else is newer.

    $500 to $2000 ... yes, quite a span :confused:
  3. mitcharific

    mitcharific New Member

    thank you..... I know it's a rare bird, but being 2wd, and no doors, it's a tough call... I was going to list it for 1500 and see how that goes... thanks again..


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