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What does these hoses and lines do? Suzuki Carry

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by NOLATAC, May 14, 2016.


    NOLATAC Member

    Got the bed off and now I am seeing more things dry rotted and broken..Hmmmmm

    This hose I think actually attached to the bed, so I think it is some kind of vent hose.

    IMG_1284.JPG IMG_1285.JPG

    Then this appears to be some kind of fuel line. Truck ran fine with it as it is, but it looks like they may have bypassed it? There seems to be some newer aftermarket parts?

    IMG_1284.JPG IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1286.JPG

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  2. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Some speculation on my part. It looks like the rusted line may be part of the vapor emission control system that may be going to a charcoal cannister somewhere. That looks like an aftermarket fuel pump hanging by the plastic tie. It needs to be mounted properly, and the kink taken out of the suction line rubber hose. It also looks like there is another aftermarket fuel pump already mounted next to the one hanging there. Apparently there has been some problems with this fuel system before as I'm thinking the original fuel pump should have been an in-tank unit along with the fuel gauge sending unit. I also see an old fuel filter mounted there but the one hanging has a filter mounted directly to the inlet to the pump so that is OK. It looks like someone quickly hung the new pump/filter unit under there in order to get it to run so it could be sold.


    NOLATAC Member

    That sounds about right.
  4. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    That's about what I see too.

    The large hose that goes to the bed is the fresh air intake. The plastic box it runs into has a flapper in it that draws warm air off the exhaust manifold through the other hose when it's cold. Chances are none of it works anymore; you can strip it all and just run a new hose from the air cleaner box to the intake on the bed. Or just strip it... lots of guys run with an open-type air filter right under the seat.

    NOLATAC Member

    I am trying to "seal it up" as much as I can for when I go through deep water. i am going to rhino line everything I can get to.
  6. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    You might check some of the ATV sites where you can see what some of them have done to keep them running completely submerged except for the air intake. If you can run a snorkel up the backside of the cab, this will get cleaner air than from down under the vehicle and the air cleaner will not pick up so much dirt and will stay cleaner longer. Be sure to seal the distributor vent so no water gets in there, and pay attention to the crankcase vent(Both in & out). Don't forget the vents for the differentials, transmission, & transfer case.


    NOLATAC Member


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