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What did you do to your truck today?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Coast Steve, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Bowe

    Bowe Member

    Dropped the engine/trans out of it, low compression on a K6a. Hopefully just valve related. Previous owner somehow broke the engine crossmember, easy to fix while engine is out.
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  2. Puddle

    Puddle Member

    First production bumper out of the Jig (Not me, a young talented welder). Two of three tube options. production1.jpeg mockup1.jpeg mockup2.jpeg
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  3. Rs2

    Rs2 Member

    I like the smaller tube. Looks awesome.
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  4. Puddle

    Puddle Member

    thumbnail (1).jpeg
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  5. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    The smaller tube won't get in the way of doing service to things under that front panel as well. Nice work!
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  6. Puddle

    Puddle Member

    Its a Subaru, no panel
  7. Drain

    Drain Supporting Moderator Supporting Moderator Supporting Member

    Finally got the Switched Shifter Adapter I designed installed for testing. Feels great so far.

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  8. jblueridge

    jblueridge Member Supporting Member

    After removing a dented panel I painted and installed a replacement OEM panel from Japan.
    I used SEM panel adhesive instead of welding.




  9. AlonSeal

    AlonSeal New Member Supporting Member

    I installed three new coil packs, and found and replaced this...


    a little vacuum hose that connects between the carb near the intake, and "somewhere else", possibly one of the two vacuum solenoid valves.


    now, my cold-ish start (at 57 F) is much better. i can feel the choke flap being closed by "itself".

    would like to replace all the hoses one day.

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  10. jblueridge

    jblueridge Member Supporting Member

    Was that short hose just laying in there or did you find it while checking all hoses?
  11. AlonSeal

    AlonSeal New Member Supporting Member

    I was trying to trace and test as many hoses as possible, and while running my hands over the longer, easy ones, my finger felt a 'loose end'. It was still attached to the carb-intake end. look real hard (was under the cross member) and found a brown-ish vac "jet" / check valve, so got them reconnected.

    def a good feeling to stumble upon it.

  12. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    Replace all those hoses with silicone, you will not regret it. Nice find.
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  13. Drain

    Drain Supporting Moderator Supporting Moderator Supporting Member

    I drove my truck to this meet-up in Tacoma, make sure you watch to the end ;)

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  14. AlonSeal

    AlonSeal New Member Supporting Member

    JDM Jaguar? MK2?
  15. AlonSeal

    AlonSeal New Member Supporting Member

    Installed a charging panel on the dashboard today, right under the radio.


    Originally, I wanted to install it under the dashboard center console, but once I start taking things apart, it seems to make more sense to be up higher.

    I sacrificed the second DIN storage bin. Drilled holes in the back to feed the wires, as well as holes on the bottom for two "mood LED lights".


    The ashtray and factory lighter assembly is removed, and power tapped for the panel.

    I did drill two new holes on the radio bracket so I can have to bin sit a bit further back, allowing the charging panel to sit flush w the radio.

    Now I have 2 QC USB, 1 cigarette plug, a voltmeter, and an extra 2 5A USB plug (liberated from a previous project).
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  16. Drain

    Drain Supporting Moderator Supporting Moderator Supporting Member

    Yesterday I installed a Pebblebee Card hidden in the bumper of my Sambar. It seems to have better reception if it's not right next to metal detuning the antenna and blocking Bluetooth signals.

    Now if my truck gets stolen I'll have at least a chance of finding it, hopefully before it's destroyed.
  17. Puddle

    Puddle Member

    Yes, sorry haven't been on here in a while
  18. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    Installed new rear shocks for a 86 Suzuki Samurai. Got em from rockauto for ~$15.00 each. Monroe 32207. Had to trim done the lower ends to fit the axle mount. Pic is of the OEM and the new shocks at full extension. The new ones are about 2 inches longer and are gas shocks, so not just oil like the OEM shocks.

  19. IGreen

    IGreen New Member

    Got inspired by stuff flying out the glove box when off road and seeing where others used ammo boxes to make extra storage. Since mine is a dump bed I attached to the bed instead of the frame, so when the bed is up they are out of the way to work on the truck.

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