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What did you do to your truck today?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Coast Steve, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Does Nebraska have any restrictions on the mini trucks?
  2. Nebraska does not classify the truck as a low speed vehicle, so I don't have to carry the orange triangle or anything. They're not allowed on the interstate, but they can be driven on other roads. I make sure that I keep a GPS unit with me in the truck as I've found that the larger wheels and tires really skew the speedometer. Doing the math, 40kph should be a bit over 24mph, but in reality, 25mph is closer to 36kph on the gauge. I have not been pulled over while driving the truck, but I do get stopped in parking lots with people wanting to look at it. I half expect to get stopped by the local PD because the truck doesn't have a front license plate, but I wasn't issued a front plate.
  3. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    I have to ask. Why not ship directly from Japan. I just had mine shipped to vancouver from Yokohama for $800. just wondering. Also please tell me about your truck. I have a ranch here in Radium Hot springs BC. I'm thinking your Fuso could be a solution to my truck needs.
  4. Nebraska has a quirk in that they will not act as an importing state for mini trucks. They are happy to register vehicles in the state, but they must be registered in another state first. Massive hassle. So, I had to work through my parents in Oklahoma to register the truck, then transfer the title to Nebraska.

    Last week, I went into Napa auto parts to look for a replacement air filter. I took the part number I found online and bought a filter. It turns out that the recommended filter was larger diameter, and shorter than the original. It fit in the housing but let air pass by. I took the filter inside and they measured it to find the closest match. The one I bought was about 1/4" longer than the original and was a tight fit. So tight in fact that it created a gap in the plastic housing, so I needed to figure out a way to take up the space. I used a couple pieces of marine foam to take up the space. It's not a perfect fit, but it will do the job.

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  5. Scottdunk

    Scottdunk New Member

  6. Jacobjm

    Jacobjm New Member

  7. blubbles

    blubbles New Member

    Figured you guys might get a kick out of this. Today I put on the winter tires.... and brought my sled in for warranty work with the mini. God these little trucks kick so much ass.


    Got everyones attention at the dealer haha.
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  8. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Hahahaha nice!!

    I've loaded many a four wheeler in the bed of mine. The owners always want me to tow them rather then load it up, but I always tell em that if I'm called to rescue them, they have to go by my rules!!! Hahahaha
  9. blubbles

    blubbles New Member

    Haha having your quad loaded into someone else's truck is way more shameful. Nice work :)
  10. Truck has been hard to start lately. Harder than usual. I ordered new spark plugs, E3.36. Pulled the old plugs to take a look before replacing them. #1 seems to be leaking oil, possibly from the top of the spark plug tubes. #2 doesn't look much better. I may be looking for a valve cover gasket after all.

    After replacing the plugs, it fired right up, no hesitation. But after that first start, it was back to its old ways. Oil on the threads, but not on the top end of the plug... Head gasket leak?

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  11. 1/2pint

    1/2pint New Member

    Started on a 3" body lift on my Subaru Sambar.

    Started the body lift it is going quicker than I thought. So far the steering shaft going through the floorboard is the only thing I had to modify.
  12. I'm working on a new interior for my truck. Seats, headrests, doors, floor, firewall and headliner. Below is my first attempt. Stitching the front was fairly easy. Attaching the sides was the tough part. Four layers of vinyl and three layers of foam was a bit much for the machine to chew on, so some is going to need to be stitched by hand.

  13. 1/2pint

    1/2pint New Member

    That looks good.
  14. Thanks. I was trying to avoid stitching across the perforations but it didn't work out. I need to change it up and stitch with the perforations on purpose. The holes are some strange measurement. Not US Standard. They may be spaced by centimeter but I don't know that for sure. The machine went crazy during the process and ruined the piece. One bent needle snd one broken. For my headrest redo, I'm going to cut a small circle at the seam where the three pieces come together so that everything is stitched as flat as possible. I'll then stitch the circle by hand. I have 10 yards of charcoal, 4 yards of perforated linen-colored, 2 yards of the solid vinyl I'm using for the band sand 10 yards of 1/4" foam.
  15. mattdv

    mattdv New Member

    Having issues with my running tail lights and after a bit of monkeying around found that the connectors between the stop/tail light/blinker unit and the wiring harness were corroded real bad. Picked up parts to splice and a couple new bulbs and fixed it.
    The bad news is while I was looking up part numbers on here I got the LED bug
  16. 1/2pint

    1/2pint New Member

    3" Lift on my Sambar

    Finally able to spend a little time to work on finishing the body lift. Just need to make a few brackets and this part should be done. So far I only have about $30.00 tied up in the lift. Next will be new tires.

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  17. 1/2pint

    1/2pint New Member

    My wheel spacers were delivered Friday installed them yesterday. Now I need to find some good tires any suggestions?
  18. blubbles

    blubbles New Member

    She got an oil change, air filter and spark plugs.... I rewarded her by allowing her the privilege of driving my new sauna home.... Completely assembled :) Oh the looks while driving were epic.

  19. renli3d

    renli3d Member

    Wow, I'm sure people did a double-take when you drove by. How much did that sauna weigh? any issues transporting it?
  20. blubbles

    blubbles New Member

    Yep people were just gawking at it haha. It made me want to keep driving around just to see the looks I was getting.

    No issues at all... did 80 km/h my whole way home, the thing didn't move or anything... Being honest I will say that it was not strapped down either, as I didn't have long enough straps haha.

    Its probably 7-800 lbs, I've put more in her before, but this was probably the largest. We may have even just plugged it in to the garage to try it out before disassembling to get it through the front door. :)
  21. Borg

    Borg Member

  22. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    ...I installed 50cc scooter mirrors to replace the flappy stock ones that always need tightening.

    And one big mirror to see everything.

    Safety first people lol.

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  23. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    New update. Fender flares by Hello Special, and a coilover lowering kit from Kei Zone as I plan to lower my standards in life.

    Oh, and a roof rack from Japan too. Good place for the extra tire lol.

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  24. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    I had to replace the water pump on my Scrum yesterday. I got the part from 5 Point Minitrucks and was real happy with the fast friendly service.
  25. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    very interesting like the bits you have gotten. do you have more info on all the parts?
  26. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    If that was directed to me, what sort of info? I'm always open to answer questions.
  27. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    Great job on the mirrors
  28. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    Thank you! They are off this guy, a Mad Dog from Icebear that I lowered. A chinese Honda Ruckus clone.

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  29. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    I'm hoping to be able to chime in to this thread later this week and say "bought it." ;)
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  30. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    That works lol.

    This was a productive weekend for me. Helped remove a first gen RX7 motor with my Hijet's crane. Then put the engine in the back to drive 40something miles to drop it off with the mechanic. Next day we put the aftermarket leafsprings and shocks on the back while also cutting the rubber bumpstops on the rear u-clamps. A friend also made custom Daihatsu decals.

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