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What did you do to your truck today?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Coast Steve, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    For sure..I wonder what he would come up with for a mini truck.
  2. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    We could all pitch in and get him a plane ticket so he could spend a week at each of our places with a welder and a pile of steel!!!
  3. Scottdunk

    Scottdunk New Member

    Well I washed my Acty all up and shined her up all nice and went for a cruise around town........... Then I blew a coolant line to my choke.....:frustration: No more fun till I get some hoses in.
  4. Bwash

    Bwash New Member

    Finished my lift and installed my 25s image.jpg

    LCCRUISER Member

    Within the last 2 weeks, and with just under 25K miles on the truck:

    A. I replaced my OEM center arm bushing with a new $72 (including shipping) aftermarket part from a US vendor. The new part was made in China and probably didn't cost $10. My advice, don't waste your money. I now have more play and a worse death wobble than I had with the one that was worn. :frustration: I guess I will have to bite the bullet and do one of the mods of sleeving it with a brass bushing or putting bearings in there. :confused:

    B. I put in a new starter. Varoom! HEY, what dat noise? Oh, the motor finally started up. :rolleyes:

    C. We hit some back roads a couple days ago, it's mud season here. For those of you not living in northern climes, mud season is when the ground thaws and the dirt roads turn to soup until they drain and dry out. Consequently, Herve got his first big mud facial and a bath afterward. Four minutes of time at the coin-op was enough to wash him completely outside and underneath with time left over to do my boots. We were both happy with the results. :cool:
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  6. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    I started the mini-mog today.......thought about rolling down the trail..........then realized my hose is still frozen under about 6 inches of ice..........so we took the mad Max buggy out and got hosed!!! Mud is on its way........right now we have brown snot that's about 10 degrees hahaha
  7. Arcticmini

    Arcticmini Member

    I've added some useful stuff to my jumper seat and under my truck bed. On the seat I added a tray that holds four gas cans, two fire extinguishers, and a highlift jack. Under the dump bed I put a 12 volt air compressor, five gallon air tank, 1000 watt inverter and optima deep cycle battery. I tried to add photos but it wont let me.
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  8. Patbox

    Patbox New Member

    I started to change my water pump yesterday using the info and great pictures posted in an other post. The only thing was thar my radiator is blocking the access to unscrew the mechanical fan out. I had a hard time to loosen up the crankshaft pulley's nut so I used the old trick of blocking a long bar on the left side of the motor bay and give a few short starter cranks and voilĂ  ... the nut is loose and I was able to continue. I had to stop thought cause I'm doing it in mother nature's garage kneeling in the snow. I shoulg finish it today as well as changing the timing belt and tensionner.

    LCCRUISER Member

    Still have lots of snow up at Camp this past weekend. It was a chore chopping our way through the stuff on the deck to be able to get the door open 1/3 of the way to get in.

    080.jpg 091.jpg 088.jpg

    Managed to get a little mud on the tires today. It was AOK until the front broke through the ice and the rear high centered. A neighbor happened by on his ATV and got his 4WD Kubota tractor to pull me out. I thought I had the come-a-long with me, I was obviously wrong about that. Reminder - NEVER leave home and go in the woods without come-a-long and Hi-Lift jack.

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    LCCRUISER Member

    Suzuki Carry Center Arm Bushing

    Working on the pesky center arm steering bushing. Got some ideas that don't involve spending $60+ on buying a new Chinese made one from one of the parts suppliers. Already did that, no comparison to OEM.

    I'm going to start a build thread soon. I'm learning new things about my truck nearly every day, and like Spaner and plenty of others, I don't like paying through the nose for stuff, especially low quality stuff. There's better ways to replace or build then yanking an overpriced $300 part off a dealer's shelf like some want for a new starter.

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  11. the pou

    the pou Member

    I had the same problem ,my new bushing lasted just a cuple of months it was a cheep imitation.
    If you check in the sub-forum. SUZUKI CARRY REFERENCES, and in the thred
    (Stering stem bushing replaced with roller berings) you will se a coupls of options for modifications.
    For my 1993 Carry, replacing the bushing with sealed roller bering was the best MOD. I ever did.
    After 6 000 km of rughf dirt roads, my streing is smouth and tight.

    LCCRUISER Member

    I've seen that bearing mod along with one done by Spaner with a brass insert. Right now I have a friend working on making one from scratch from a solid piece of steel. I thought about just welding my old one up solid.
  13. thiercito

    thiercito New Member


    Found a freshly cut tree on the side of the road. Hijet / to the rescue.
  14. Borg

    Borg Member

    Wow, wonder if my truck shakes at 85-95 km/h and on/off sometimes it doesn't shake.... if that's because of the center arm bushings... one of the seals are ripped on mine.
  15. Jake Brey

    Jake Brey New Member

    1996 suzuki carry 660 dd51t 4x4 60,000 khm forsale $4600 obo jakejbrey@yahoo.com[/email] nice unit located in Sparta Wisconsin
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  16. Borg

    Borg Member


    Got a free Momo wheel + Adapter... :)
  17. blubbles

    blubbles New Member

    Sambar has got some love lately!

    Put in new much larger battery, with master kill switch (yay Canadian winters!) (51 series JUST fit, with a tiny bit of bending of the back seam.

    Scrubbed down the frame, primed and painted with rust paint - Whippets helped.

    Scrubbed down the rear headache rack and painted it

    Put in 6000k HI/LO HID's :) - Soooo briiggghhhtttt
    Took a heat gun to the front bumper to get some of the colour back
  18. YearoftheDragon

    YearoftheDragon New Member

    Jealous of the a/c borg!
  19. Borg

    Borg Member

    Doesn't work... Hah.
  20. mattdv

    mattdv New Member

    My sambar got a little attention. Drained the motor oil and filled her up with some synthetic 10w30 after doing a bit of reading around here. Tightened up the alternator belt to stop the squeaking when it is started up. Tied to get a hold of a new belt but the stores were closed for the civic holiday. All in all good day.
  21. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    Hi anyone that remembers this old member been awhile since I've posted. Had some free time got out some boxes of mini parts today that's been sitting here for over a year. Poor truck. Mazie got some new plugs plug wires button and distributor cap. Maybe tomorrow I can put on the fuel filter I have and the brand new carb it badly needs doesn't run worth a darn.
  22. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    It's been a long time,good to hear from you. Where did you get your carb? Hatch is thinking about replacing his and as you know they're pricey.Are you still thinking about the super charger?
  23. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    Oh yea still thinking about it big time beings I have almost everything need just didn't get around to it. Got the carb from over seas can't think of the guy he was on here big parts guy from japan. I'll look and let u know in a few.
  24. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    Yokohama motors I believe
  25. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Thanks Jonny,that's what I thought and recommended to him.
  26. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    Yea I know it said it was set to factory setup just bolt on but I didn't make it there it started to rain as I was going out to put it on
  27. DD51T

    DD51T New Member

    Mini fire trailer

    I didn't exactly add to the mini but built a small fire fighting trailer to be towed behind the truck for use on my dads homestead.
    It has a 300 liter (80 gallon) water tank with a high pressure (100 PSI) fire pump and can spray 75 ft. There is 150 ft of 1 1/2 fire hose with nozzle and nomex coveralls which fit into a storage compartment above the tank.
    I also supplemented it with an axe, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a rack that accepts a 8 foot extension ladder. Lastly it has a LED stobe on the back in case it has to be towed down the road to one of the neighbor's houses.All loaded it weighs 900 lbs which is just fine for the little guy to pull. The water in the tank only lasts about 2 minutes but should do an OK job on a small blaze....for something bigger he also has a pool to draw from which should give him a few hours.

    IMG_3639.JPG IMG_3642.JPG IMG_3636.JPG IMG_3640.JPG
  28. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    80 gal. In two mins that's pushing a little water if I may say so. When I was on the local vol. department. Left for personal reason. Our brush trucks had 250 gals lasted a good ten mins of off and on use till u got the 2 1/2 inch line out that's drain it in 5 wide open nice looking trailer thou
  29. Papagator

    Papagator Member

    Been a while since I've been on, but its Hunting season and I am gearing up to go. Wanted to see what everyone had done to their trucks lately.
    Put an extra Battery in the ole girl this year. Tucked it in the box above the Stock one. Found that the winch draws quite a bit. Pictures will be coming.

  30. Yesterday, I finally got the truck title converted from Oklahoma to Nebraska and got license plates put on the truck. I need to drill new holes in the plate to match the bolts on the truck, but zip ties work for now. As it turns out, Nebraska has a special classification for this type of vehicle and because no one else in this county has yet registered one of these trucks, I got the coolest license plate that I could get. Even though Nebraska requires license plates both front and back, I was issued only a back plate for this vehicle.


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