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Wanted: Deck van or super jumbo

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by plotman, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. plotman

    plotman Member

    I am looking to sell my kawasaki trans diesel mule with cab and buy either a deck van or super jumbo. I am 6 2" 240 and have narrowed my search to these two models. I have yet to determine if the deck van will accomodate my 60 gallon sprayer. I need to know what the interior dimensions of the bed are, as that is the largest thing I would carry, anything larger I could just trailer it behind. Anyone with these measurements would be appreciated? Anyone that has either unit with at bare mininum A/C and Hi/Low Please let me know? Thanks for the help.
  2. downhere

    downhere Member

    The deck van has a box that is 3' long by 4'4" wide.
  3. plotman

    plotman Member

    That sure helps. My skid sprayer is 42" wide X 44" long without the boom, which I would plug into a rear receiver hitch.My spray rig would weigh about 650-700lbs when full, 150lbs when empty Any idea what the weight limit is for the bed? Does the tailgate on the deck fans hang by cables like a pickup, in effect having a longer bed? If so, is the top of the gate flush with the bed surface or higher/lower? Some pics I have seen just show the gate dropped clear down,unsupported.
  4. downhere

    downhere Member

    Here are some quick pics to show the bed of the deck van. I hope these help.

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  5. plotman

    plotman Member

    Am I correct that those cables are what is holding the tailgate up? Are those standard from the factory? I assume you dont want to put very much weight on the gate when down? Anyone know what the weight limit is for the bed? Thanks for all the help.
  6. copeina

    copeina Member

    The pickups have a (legal) bed load limit of 350kg. I can only assume the frames and suspension are fairly equlivilent across the body styles, so go with that.

    If you are using it for farming, they can handle a lot more. But fo how long is anyone's guess.

    Just an FYI - I am 6'2 and fit just fine in my '92 regular cab. Other people around my height say they feel cramped, but I have no problem. Definately more room than a Ford Ranger.

    Good luck with your project!
  7. downhere

    downhere Member

    Yep those cables are the only thing holding up the tailgate! They are backwards as they need to be mounted to the box sides. Another project to be done along with a spray in boxliner...
  8. plotman

    plotman Member

    Sounds like a deck van may work for my intended purpose of hunting/light farm work and pulling a firewood trailer. Now I just need to find the right one with A/C and hi/low for a fair price. Any leads on locating one would be greatly appreciated, not afraid of taking a drive for the right one.
  9. plotman

    plotman Member

    I searched under Sanger, Texas and found an expired ebay listing, is that the one? Once I find the right one I plan to paint it camo or O.D green moderate lift and mud tires. I realize locating one with High/Low range narrows the field however, I want to do it right the first time. Thanks for the lead.
  10. allen0288

    allen0288 Member

    yes, that is the one I was talking about. Hear is the phone number for the truck 940-220-9708
  11. plotman

    plotman Member

    The deck van in Sanger is a bit too nice for my intentions of painting camo. From what I hear trying to find a deck van with hi/lo is going to be difficult, should be easier to find a super jumbo equipped the way I want it. Missed the perfect rig from I think-cottonfarmer awhile back. Looking at a couple different ones, just havent pulled the trigger as of yet.Keep the leads coming..
  12. L_C4

    L_C4 New Member

    @plotman....I have a 1998 Daihatsu Deckvan 4wd a/c and love it! I searched and searched for a hi/low and only found one it was at cajun mini trucks in LA....I called and also looked on their website. Very helpful and nice people. I ended up buying mine from http://www.minitruckdealer.com/index.php The price was great and our Deckvan was in great condition. Be patience if you really want one they are hard to find especially when you start adding a/c and hi/low. I use mine on rough mountainous AZ roads...crossing a big canyon to get to nearest town. It works great! 1st is low enough where I don't have to ride my brakes. Bed has more room than you'd expect you can easily put 2 icechests in back. The backseat also has lots of room and the headspace is amazing. You can also fit icechest on floor of backseat! Crazy since you can't do that in most 4 door or extra cab pick-ups. Good luck!
  13. plotman

    plotman Member

    Glad to hear you like yours. Heck,around here (iowa) I cant even find one to see how well I like them in person. It seems the hi/low range is going to be a tough find yet, I know if I dont have it, I will forever regret it! Its down to the deck vans and super jumbos, just gotta find the right one. Any help in locating would be appreciated.
  14. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    Deck Van/Jumbo Cab

    The Jumbo Cab seats do not go back any farther than a regular Diahatsu truck. They can be modified but it is a pretty big project. There is a raised hump behind the seats that must be cut out and reversed. Then you have to build new seat tracks. I have had it done on a few new Jumbo Cabs ,,, a little pricey.

    dan at www.woodysminitrucks.com
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2012
  15. plotman

    plotman Member

    I am looking at either a deck van or a SUPER jumbo, does the super have that hump you are speaking about limiting the rearward travel of the seat? The minis I tried before i bought my mule were mid 90,s suzuki trucks, do the newer standard cabs have more interior room? excluding the subaru and honda, which is the biggest standard cab?
  16. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    Jumbo/Deck Van

    Suz/Mit changed their body style 1n '99. They moved the front axle forward and the cabs are a little bigger.

    I think they are about the same size but GR Imports would be a better source.

    I'll attach a few photos of a jumbo. Daihatsu Jumbo007.jpg Daihatsu Jumbo007.jpg

    The jumbo cabs have the hump. loaded some twice i think

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  17. The Super Jumbo's don't have the hump, they are completely flat behind the seats, you can actually recline the seats completely flat in these units.
  18. plotman

    plotman Member

    I am only considering the SUPER jumbo or deck van at this point,,I think.. Anybody with one of the newer suzuki or daihatsu standard cabs wanna chime in as to interior room over the older models? Does anyone out there even have a deck van with Hi/lo so, i can either keep looking for one or rule them out? At this point I dont really want to cut a true van(seems hi/lo not rare in these) into a deck van as some have suggested.
  19. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    super jumbo

    never have seen one ... any photos anybody??

  20. miner425

    miner425 New Member


    I own a jumbo. I am 6 foot and there is enough room for my legs. My friend has a mini and the leg room is exactly the same. The seat rails are the same on both.
  21. plotman

    plotman Member

    I am bringing this thread back to life as I am still looking and have had veryl little luck. Still stuck on either the SUPER JUMBO or DECK VAN. After last summers drought/heat A/C is a must, and would reaaly like HI/LO and diff lock. My Kawasaki Trans Mule Diesel with the cab on is very much like the deck van which works well however would like the A/C and other features of the deck van. Any leads would be appreciated as I have been searching for a year for the right one. I live in Iowa and willing to make the drive for the right one.
  22. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    deck van/extended cab


    2012 Mitsubishi Extended Cab box is 5' 6" long ... demo truck due in 5-6 weeks (first demo truck sold) 2012 11 20_0238.JPG 2012 11 20_0242.JPG
    dan at www.woodysminitrucks.com
  23. plotman

    plotman Member

    Thanks for the leads. the van is way too nice for me to put O.D green on and doesnt have Hi/LO. What year did the SUPER jumbo go to EFI? seems the vans and trucks switched to EFI in different years from what I am told- which is inconsistent. Although not a deal braker either way are carb versions any tougher to start when cold than simply turning the key like EFI? What I am getting at is that if we have been in the deer stand for several hours in cold temps and I send a buddy/wife/son to go get the mini, are they gonna have trouble getting it started or flooding it if carbed? Thanks for all the help and patience.
  24. plotman

    plotman Member

    Seems I am having very little luck finding a deck van already here in the states with the rare HI/LO which would be mandatory for how I would use it. Can any body reccomend a good importer that would try to locate one and get it shipped back here? Any assistance would be appreciated.

  25. We still import trucks regularly and to this day I have yet to see a deck van with high/low, there might be one out there somewhere but it would be a needle in a hay stack. I did find a super jumbo at auction tonight that I was going to bid on but during the inspection it was found to be rusted out underneath so we left it. I think you would be better off waiting for a super jumbo or buying a deck van and then purchasing a used transmission with high/low and installing it yourself
  26. plotman

    plotman Member

    That is a possibility should I go with the deck van. They both have there advantages yet trying to find either is becoming quite the headache. Keep the leads coming, I appreciate it.
  27. van_canucks

    van_canucks New Member

    L_C4 you may be the right guy to ask since u own a deckvan, i live in canada up towards alaska and im looking to buy a deck van for hunting, would be nice to put wife beside me and young kids in the back and get outdoors, did u put a lift kit in yours and if u did how high did u go? 2inch? i have read if u go over 3 u might start to get into problem with drive shaft etc etc. i have been looking on the japan sites and may have found one 4by4 deck van for 2900canadian to vancouver then i need to get a broker and after all said is done should bring it home for3800, is there any questions i should ask or know before buying? thanks for the help
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