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Want to be street legal?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mrxsht, Mar 18, 2023.

  1. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    I live in Oregon where they will let motorcycles, mopeds, scooters,and other minimumley protected forms of transportation on the road. But not mini trucks.
    So I did some checking around and found a way to have my truck plated,registered,and titled,so I can travel in my Daihatsu hijet where I want to! And the state of Oregon can't take that away.
    If anyone is interested in doing what I did so as to travel legally,and show ownership of your mini truck/ van ? Then contact me and ill point you in the right direction. It won't matter if your state is like mine. You will be able to use it on asphalt roads and not just dirt ones. Thanx.
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  2. Smokie

    Smokie Member

    What did you do to legally drive it on the highway?
  3. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    Well. I formed an LLC in a different state. For me, I got mine from Montana, sold my truck to my LLC,and got it registered and titled there as well. So my truck is now llc property. And my state can't make me get their plates because it's the LLC's truck and I'm just borrowing it.
    I'll have forever plates. Won't have to keep getting tags, and won't have to renew registration either
  4. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    I know a company who will set it all up for you. They will file all the paper work and submit everything to the proper channels.
    If anyone's is interested. Let me know,and ill point you in their direction. Please tell them who sent you.

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