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W. Virgina fall trip

Discussion in 'United States' started by striper sniper, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. striper sniper

    striper sniper New Member

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in getting a group together in the fall for a trip to W. Virgina on some weekend. Just sending a feeler out never been their my self but from the threads looks like a good place to go. Delaware sucks it's flat no where really good to ride:p
  2. striper sniper

    striper sniper New Member

    come on guys no one in the area for a fall trip if not maybe a spring trip. Just got my truck ready to go . Looking for a local to go 4 wheelin in w virginia:frustration:
  3. jgarrett

    jgarrett Member

    im in eastern ky
  4. striper sniper

    striper sniper New Member

    well hopefullly we can get an event together with some more members saw some others in eastern side

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