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vibrating/rubbing/humming noise at high speed after lift

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Milk_Man_McGee, May 30, 2010.

  1. hi again all,

    so after i installed a 2in lift i am getting this vibrating/rubbing/humming noise when getting up to hwy speeds.

    it seems to only happen when i am not accelerating and as soon as i accelerate it goes away. i can practically make a song by pressing on and off the gas haha. your thoughts? i am guessing it's the driveshaft or u joints?
  2. cabnfever

    cabnfever Member

    Have you had an alignment since the lift? Your fronts might be out now
  3. hi,
    yes sir i have
  4. redgreen

    redgreen Member

    One good possibility is the rear driveshaft angle now that that you have added the lift. The Hijet has as very short driveshaft so it does not take much of a lift to create a binding problem. On mine I added a 6 degree wedge to the rear axle to improve the angle. The other solution is to drop the back of the transmission.
    Check previous posts on this.
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  5. Canadian_Jumbo

    Canadian_Jumbo New Member

    On my brothers Super deluxe he noticed that the front driveshaft was engaged even in 2wd. I believe he had a post about it. What he did I cant remember fully it has been awhile he lowered the front driveshaft I think. After that the noise went away. His lift was 2" as well.
  6. Nice a super deluxe :) thanks for help as it is still happening. just being lazy about it lol

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