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Vantage Parts

Discussion in 'Vantage International' started by GR.mike, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    We have started to help those in need of parts to fix their Chinese Mini trucks (not an easy task :frustration:). We have some common items in stock ready to ship and we are working towards learning more and more each day. We will soon have a pretty good grip on what you need to fix your truck up. Give us a call if you need some parts for your truck if we have it in stock great if not we can order it for you
  2. jeffj6609

    jeffj6609 New Member

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Someone with parts for this $#&* truck
  3. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    Believe me after going through the process of finding parts for it I can see why no one has ever done it, but we are making huge strides in getting more knowledgeable with them....glad to be here to help
  4. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I dont want to bust any bubbles but these trucks scare me to death. I have had the misfortune of owning two in the last 6 yrs. and hope to never own another one.
    The body and frame is similar to the Japanese trucks and seems ok . The interior lacks a great deal in quality compared to the Japanese as well as the engines and tranny. I come across them at auctions couple times a year. They'll have any where from 5000 to 15000 miles on them and all of them seem to be wore out by that time. Save your money and wait and get a Japanese truck. You will be miles ahead. All of them that I have seen have the electric speed limiter.
    After that said they do go pretty cheap at auction, 500 to 2500 depends on condition.
    The Metro Mini Truck looks exactly like the Vantage. I assume its the same manufacture just badged different.
  5. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    I will agree that the trucks are not as good as the Japanese trucks, but a huge part of the problem with them was parts are not available. I have seen several trucks with well over 100,000km on them still running well, but need some minor seals and gaskets that people have never been found. The biggest advantage to the Chinese truck is that it is "new" and some people have to have "new". Japanese trucks new are very expensive in comparison, but I will agree if you can afford Japanese go Japanese
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  6. Branden George

    Branden George New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but we stock tons of parts here in Dallas TX area.

    If you need help, give us a shout. We work with a lot of universities and most have Vantage, so we stock a bunch of parts.



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  7. Oldcomputech

    Oldcomputech New Member

    Thanks for posting that. I have a Big Boss which is mostly the same as Vantage. Probably call tomorrow as I need a few things

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