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Vacuum hose diagram

Discussion in 'Honda Acty References' started by Jenna Skye, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. Jenna Skye

    Jenna Skye New Member

    We purchased a 1991 V-HH4 Acty last summer. It's currently in the garage, and we're ready to tear it apart to get this thing running smoothly.
    We noticed that there are vacuum hoses missing from the engine. We've tried tracing their destination, but to no avail. Is there someone with an E07A that could post pics of the top of their engine to give us an idea where these route? We've searched and haven't found a vacuum hose diagram anywhere.
    Long shot, but thank you in advance!
  2. Jenna Skye

    Jenna Skye New Member

  3. Hap Wilson

    Hap Wilson Member

    Shoot me a message and I'll email you some pictures and diagrams.
  4. shogun

    shogun Well-Known Member

  5. Jenna Skye

    Jenna Skye New Member

    I am just now revisiting this project van. I took a LONG break, ruined a couple relationships, found myself then lost myself again. jk... kinda.
    Either way, I'm actually working on this again. I ordered the translated service manual. I also found the diagram on the bottom of the engine cover. Here's what I have so far. If anyone can post anything more detailed, I'd appreciate it! Crossing my fingers that the service manual gives me more detailed information.

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