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Vaccum Lines Suzuki Carry

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by gdw4078, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. SDK1968

    SDK1968 New Member

    a HUGE thank you to the folks in this thread!

    why this isnt a sticky? me gots no clue!!

    thanks to this thread & the pictures in it... along with that fantastic hand drawn pick in post #35... i got EVERY vacuum line on my Mini changed.

    holy crap!! some of those were dang near impossible to get off & then even harder to get your hands in there to put them back on. Even the ones down on the front axle for the 4wd control unit were tough to get to & change.

    in total i used right at 38 feet of 3mm heavy wall blue tubing like another guy here posted.

    found quite a few brittle cracked hoses even though they didnt show up with starter fluid testing & so on. immediate difference in how the motor sounded & started easier.

    STILL not perfect on the carb mix or idles.

    which brings me to this question: how in the heck do you guys adjust that mix screw #6 ?!?!?!?!

    i cant get anything on it & it has some type of protective cap on it that i cant even get off!

  2. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    I never had to get to that screws can't help you there,but for r&r the tubing Harbor Freight sells a 3 piece set of tubing pliers that are long reach and perfect for these trucks.

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